Renewable Energy Agency Act 2015 (No. 11 of 2015) ( 2015 )

This Act establishes the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency. The Agency's missions are to 1) promote the adoption and use of renewable energy with a view to achieving sustainable development goals, 2) advise on possible uses of liquid natural gas, 3) create an enabling environment for the development of renewable energy, 4), increase the share of…read more

Energy Efficiency Act ( 2011 )

This act provides for the setting up of the Energy Efficiency Management Office. The objects of the Office shall be to promote the efficient use of energy and to promote national awareness for the efficient use of energy as a means to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. The act further details the missions…read more

Long-term Energy Strategy ( 2009 )

This Strategy sets the country's energy vision over the medium and long term, emphasising environmental sustainability as a key aspect. The Strategy notably calls for energy security, encourage energy efficiency through legal, administrative, communication and sectoral actions, improve demand side management, encourage the uptake of sustainable buildings, and foster the production and use of renewable…read more

National Environment Policy ( 2007 )

This document aims at consolidate several sectoral and cross-sectoral policy goals under one common approach of environmental management. Climate change impacts are one of the key challenged considered by the document to handle in order to achieve resilience. One of the national target concerning the built environment is to establish new constructions and building standards…read more
To date, Mauritius does not have any litigation listed.

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Rank as emitter (including LULUCF):
Below Top 50
Country-reported GHG emissions (incl. LULUCF) (MTCO2):4.57 (reporting year: 2006 )
Country-reported GHG emissions (excl. LULUCF) (MTCO2):4.76 (reporting year: 2006 )

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GHG inventory:1995, 2000, 2006
Climate risk assessment:


Economy wide targets - Up to (and including) 2020

    Economy-wide targets - Beyond 2020

    GHG emissions reduction of 30% by 2030 compared to the business-as-usual scenario, conditional on international support.

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    Targets - Energy demand

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        Targets - Renewables

          Targets- Transport

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                  Policies - Carbon pricing

                    Policies - Promotion of low-carbon energy (inc. renewables)

                      Policies - Energy demand

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