Behind the headlines

We go behind the big climate change stories that make the news, and tell you what you need to know.

A selection of expert commentaries from the news section of this website.

What does the Helm Review teach us about climate policy?

Professor Dieter Helm’s Cost of Energy review was greeted in parts of the press with headlines like “excessive green taxes force up energy bills”. Sam Fankhauser analyses the review in the context of UK efforts to tackle climate change. read more »

‘The Mail on Sunday’ forced to acknowledge it published fake news about climate change

Bob Ward, Director of Policy and Communications, looks at the background to the decision by the UK newspaper regulator against an article published by the Mail on Sunday. read more »

Misinformation in ‘The Times’ and the ‘Daily Mail’ about hurricanes and climate change

Bob Ward assesses attempts made by Richard Littlejohn and Matt Ridley to deny any link between climate change and Hurricane Irma. read more »

A large body of academic studies suggest climate change policies have had only a very small impact on competitiveness

President Trump claimed that the Paris Agreement on climate change “disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries". This commentary highlights a number of recent research papers which show no evidence for such claims. read more »