Climate Change Laws of the World

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Carbon Tax Act 15 (South Africa / 2019 / Legislative)

The Carbon Tax Act (Act No. 15 of 2019) aims to provide for the imposition of a tax on the carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions. It defines the … read more »

Climate Act (Netherlands / 2019 / Legislative / Mitigation Framework)

The Climate Act sets legally binding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets for the Netherlands. Specifically, it mandates the government to reduce its total GHG emissions by 95%, compared with … read more »

Climate Action Plan (Ireland / 2019 / Executive / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

This plan aims at achieving EU 2030 emissions targets that have been previously set out, as well as reaching net zero emissions by 2050. It formulates 180 actions that need … read more »

Climate Solutions Package (Australia / 2019 / Executive)

In 2019, the Australian government announced the Climate Solutions Package, an AUD 3.5 billion investment to deliver on Australia’s 2030 Paris climate commitments.which consolidated a number of existing government programs … read more »

Crown Minerals Amendment Act 2019 (New Zealand / 2019 / Legislative)

This Act amends the Crown Minerals Act 1991. It bans new offshore oil and gas activities and restricts onshore permitting.

Decree-law 76/2019 on the legal regime applicable to electricity activities (Portugal / 2019 / Executive)

This document makes the fifth amendment to the Statutes of the Energy Services Regulatory Authority set out in Decree-Law no. 172/2006. It establishes the legal regime applicable to the activities of generation, … read more »

Decrees 476/2019 and 548/2019 on renewable energies (Argentina / 2019 / Executive)

This decrees amend past decrees in order to update the regulatory framework on renewable energy production and reassess the thresholds for related incentives.

law 117/2019 amending law 50/1991 on construction work (Romania / 2019 / Legislative)

This law amends two articles of the law 50/1991 and establishes that it is no longer mandatory to seek a permit in order to install solar photovoltaic panels on roofs.

Law No. 2712-VIII on competitive conditions for the production of electricity from alternative energy sources (Ukraine / 2019 / Legislative)

This law amends the 2003 law on alternative energy sources. It sets the rules for quotas of renewable energy and the related auction and feed-in tariff schemes.

Law on the Mobility Budget (Belgium / 2019 / Legislative)

This law, adopted by the Parliament and signed by the king, enables employers to set up a mobility budget within their companies. It is distinct from the “cash for car” … read more »

Myanmar National Climate Change Policy (Myanmar / 2019 / Executive / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

The National Climate Change Policy, published alongside the National Environment Policy, aims at creating a more robust policy framework to make sure that investment and development plans at all levels … read more »

National policy to fight climate change (Haiti / 2019 / Executive / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

This policy aims to reorient Haiti’s socio-economic development towards a more low-carbon regime, resilient to adverse climatic conditions attributable to climate change, generating new jobs and contributing to the eradication … read more »

Organic Law on energy efficiency (Ecuador / 2019 / Legislative)

The Organic law on Energy Efficiency aims to establish a legal framework and operating regime of the National Energy Efficiency System – SNEE, and promote the efficient, rational and sustainable … read more »

Presidential Decree 7/2019 establishing the national policy of climate change mitigation and adaptation and creating the national response system to climate change (Nicaragua / 2019 / Executive / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

This decree establishes the national policy of climate change mitigation and adaptation and creates the national system of climate change response. It defines a strategic national reference framework to develop … read more »

Presidential Regulation 55/2019 on electric vehicles (Indonesia / 2019 / Executive)

This document aims at enabling battery-powered electric vehicles to be made and deployed in Indonesia. It includes two, three and four wheelers. It sets up incentives for local manufacturers, with … read more »

Renewable Energy Roadmap 2030 for the Electricity sector (Mauritius / 2019 / Executive)

This document sets Mauritius’ government strategy for enhancing the role of renewable energy sources within the country’s electricity sector. It defines capacity targets to reach by 2025 and 2030. The … read more »

Royal Decree 244/2019 regulating the administrative, technical and economic conditions of the self-consumption of electric energy (Spain / 2019 / Executive)

This decree seeks to promote the self-consumption of energy, and particularly renewable energy, by regulating the sector. It notably 1) updates the framework for the connection and energy supply to … read more »

Union Budget 2019-2020 (India / 2019 / Executive)

The budget presented by the government for the period 2019-2020 notably scales upward the incentives to encourage faster adoption of electric vehicles. These incentives include upfront schemes on purchase and … read more »

Wellbeing budget (2019) (New Zealand / 2019 / Executive)

The 2019 budget set out by the government notably aims to make New Zealand more sustainable and climate-resilient. It makes a number of pledges including: 1) promoting renewable energies and … read more »

2050 Climate Strategy (Marshall Islands / 2018 / Executive / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

The Tile Til Eo 2050 Climate Strategy “Lighting the way” makes a number of recommendations to achieve the country’s objectives of net zero emissions by 2050 and 100 % renewable … read more »

Angola Energy 2025 (Angola / 2018 / Executive)

The Strategy Angola Energia 2025 assesses the main long-term options and establishes the Government’s atlas and vision for development of the electricity sector in the 2018-2025 horizon, identifying priority investments … read more »

Basic Environment Plan (Japan / 2018 / Executive)

Japan’s Basic Environmental Plan defines the principles that govern the implementation of environmental policies in Japan, especially with respect to climate change policies. It also outlines the current policy frameworks … read more »

Budget 2018 (carbon tax) (Singapore / 2018 / Legislative)

The budget stipulates that Singapore will impose a carbon tax entering into force in 2019. All facilities producing 25,000 tonnes or more of greenhouse gas emissions in a year will have … read more »

Climate Change Adaptation Act (Japan / 2018 / Legislative / Adaptation Framework)

This Act aims at enhancing adaptation efforts in Japan. It enshrines into law the 2015 National Adaptation Plan and sets updated obligations. It charges authorities to take effective measures in … read more »

Climate Smart Agriculture Policy (Zimbabwe / 2018 / Executive)

The Climate Smart Agriculture Policy aims at ensuring that farmers and agricultural advisers adopt practices consistent with a changing climate. The Policy is based on the Climate-Smart Agricultural Manual for … read more »