Media releases in 2012


Nicholas Stern comments on outcome of United Nations climate change summit in Doha|

7 December

Commenting on the outcome today of the United Nations climate change summit at Doha, Qatar, Nicholas Stern... said: “The Doha Gateway Package represents modest but important progress from last year’s summit in Durban, which set out the principles of an international agreement in 2015 for action by both rich and developing countries to tackle climate change..."

International progress on tackling climate change is 'recklessly slow', warns Nicholas Stern|

4 December

The new policy paper by Mattia Romani, James Rydge and Nicholas Stern, entitled ‘Recklessly slow or a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy? Time to decide’, warns that “the world is heading in a difficult and dangerous direction”, as negotiations continue into a second week at the United Nations climate change summit in Doha, Qatar.


New study shows carbon pricing can help European countries to cut deficits |

19 November

The new policy paper| by Professor Michael Jacobs and co-authors, on ‘Less pain, more gain: the potential of carbon pricing reduce Europe’s fiscal deficits’, reviews a new analysis by Vivid Economics of the potential impact of energy and carbon taxes, as well as changes to the European Union Emissions Trading System, in several Member States, and finds that they could raise as much revenue as other forms of taxation while having less damaging side-effects on economic growth and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


Nicholas Stern comments on outcome of Rio+20 summit|

22 June

Responding to the close of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Nicholas Stern... said: “Although the outcome of the Rio+20 expresses some laudable ambitions, it lacks both the concrete commitment to action and the urgency that is required by the challenges we face.

New review of evidence about onshore wind power to dispel myths for MPs|

11 June

Onshore wind power clearly has a role in supplying the UK’s future electricity needs despite a number of myths about its costs and reliability, according to a new report|.


Climate scientists are afraid of using expert opinion in assessing uncertainty of future impacts|

24 May

The risks of climate change are being understated in official assessments because scientists have become afraid of using their expert opinion in assessing the uncertainty of future impacts, a leading researcher will warn today.


New report concludes government policies to increase green investment could boost economic growth in UK and US|

16 April

The governments of the United Kingdom, United States and other rich nations can stimulate economic growth through policies that persuade the private sector to invest record surpluses in low-carbon and other ‘green’ technologies and infrastructure, according to a report| published today.


Weak economic arguments are being used to delay action on climate change, warns Nicholas Stern|

23 February

Weak economic arguments against reducing emissions of greenhouse gases are being used to slow down the transition to low-carbon economic growth and development, Nicholas Stern will tell a public audience at London School of Economics and Political Science today.