Media articles from 2009

Articles published in the media in 2009 by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, in order of most recent. 

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The rich, the poor and the planet| 
Nicholas Stern, LSE Connect, Winter 2009

Copenhagen climate change summit: We should not just keep calm and carry on, argues Bob Ward from the London School of Economics|
Bob Ward, Daily Mail, 11 December

Ian Plimer's uncritical coverage in the hacked emails row is frustrating|
Bob Ward, The Guardian, 8 December

Business must champion low-carbon growth|
Nicholas Stern, Financial Times  (free registration is required), 7 December

If it warms up, who's going to pay?|
Samuel Fankhauser, The Wall Street Journal, 6 December

Climate change denial is the new article of faith for the far right|
Bob Ward, The Guardian, 2 December


Copenhagen climate conference: emission impossible|
Nicholas Stern, The Guardian, 30 November

This climate email-hacking episode is generating more heat than light|
Bob Ward, The Guardian, 20 November

The road to Copenhagen|
Nicholas Stern, The Guardian (podcast), 20 November

Climate change debate and the non-believers|
Bob Ward, The Times (letter), 17 November


Our low-carbon future|
Nicholas Stern, European Voice (registration is required), 21 October

The world's future is being decided this weekend|
Nicholas Stern, The Observer, 18 October


Vital that US and Europe cut emissions, too|
Nicholas Stern, Financial Times (letter; free registration is required), 25 September

China and India are leading the way. Yes, I'm optimistic|
Nicholas Stern, The Guardian, 23 September

Lord Stern suggests new way out of deadlock|
Nicholas Stern, The Daily Telegraph, 22 September

The real green new deal|
Tony Blair and Nicholas Stern, The Guardian, 22 September

People power is crucial to making Copenhagen a success|
Bob Ward, The Guardian, 10 September


Heaven and Earth by Ian Plimer|
Bob Ward, The Times, 22 August


The time is approaching for India to take a lead on climate change|
Nicholas Stern, The Independent, 20 July

EU power struggle threatens climate change agreement|
Nicholas Stern, Financial Times (letter; free registration is required), 20 July

Why ExxonMobil must be taken to task over climate denial funding|
Bob Ward, The Guardian, 1 July


Why global warming could make or break south-east Asia|
Nicholas Stern and Haruhiko Kuroda, The Guardian, 5 May


Tiny steps in a marathon|
Nicholas Stern, Alex Bowen and Sam Fankhauser, The Guardian, 24 April

Nicholas Stern's Blueprint for a Safer Planet lecture at the London School of Economics|
Nicholas Stern, The Guardian (podcast), 23 April

Nicholas Stern's reaction to green budget measures|
Nicholas Stern, The Guardian (environment blog), 22 April

Enough green talk. Now make it happen|
Nicholas Stern, The Times, 21 April


The point of no return|
Nicholas Stern, The Guardian, 30 March

Low-carbon growth: the only sustainable way to overcome world poverty|
Nicholas Stern, World Bank  (blog), 24 March

The world needs an unbiased risk assessor|
Nicholas Stern, Financial Times  (free registration is required), 24 March

Obama's chance to lead the green recovery|
Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern, Financial Times  (free registration is required), 2 March


Opportunities that are too good to miss|
Nicholas Stern and Alex Bowen, The Guardian, 24 February


LSE shops use cut in VAT to boost green sales|
David Grover, Financial Times (letter), 10 January