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Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
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Climate change and environmental research centre in the UK, chaired by Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, which brings together international expertise on economics, policy, finance, geography, international development and political economy.
Photograph of planet Earth with visible cyclone credit Mehmet Salih Guler and istockphoto.com
13 April, The Times: "Shale gas can help the world to avoid dangerous climate change if it replaces coal in power stations, according to a United Nations report."


Leaked climate change report: Scientific body warns of 'devastating rise of 4-5C if we carry on as we are'|

13 April, The Independent: "Global greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade were the "highest in human history", according to the world's leading scientific body for the assessment of climate change. Without further action, temperatures will increase by about 4 to 5C, compared with pre-industrial levels, it warns, a level that could reap devastating effects on the planet."

Power station emissions
13 April, The Guardian: "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its report on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions"
Photograph of books

Grantham Workshop|

Wednesday, 7th May, 12.30 - 13.30, 32L. LG.03

Speaker: Antony Millner|, GRI

Title: tbc


Emissions from power plant

New Publication: Policy indexes as tools for decision makers - the case of climate policy| 

Swenja Surminski and Andrew Williamson

"The last two decades have witnessed an explosion in the publication of country indexes that measure and rank the relative national policy performances of governments. To illustrate the challenges of using and applying these tools we focus on those four indexes that have been specifically designed in response to the emergence of the relatively new policy area of climate change."

Photograph of European Union flag

New Policy Brief: "Walking alone? How the UK's carbon targets compare with its competitors'|

Samuela Bassi, Sam Fankhauser, Fergus Green and Michal Nachmany

"The UK has long styled itself as a leader on climate change policy action and the UK government has been criticised for moving faster than other countries and, in doing so, imperilling our economic competitiveness for scant climatic gain (EEF, 2013)."


 New Publication: GLOBE Climate Legislation Study|

27th February: A new report offering a comprehensive audit of climate change related laws across 66 of the world's countries