Tucker  J Landesman

Tucker J Landesman

PhD candidate in Human Geography & Urban Studies

Department of Geography and Environment

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Tucker holds a master's degree of public health from the University of Buenos Aires and a a bachelor's degree in International Relations from The George Washington University. Prior to beginning his PhD at The LSE his research focussed on how online sexual sociability of gay and bisexual men influenced sexual behavior and potential risk for HIV/STI transmission. He has worked in the fields of sexual health and HIV policy and programming in St. Louis, MO, Washington, DC and Buenos Aires.

Research Interests

Urban politics and mobilities
Informal housing settlements
Territory and state spatiality
Right to the city, resistance, and urban social movements
Anti-racist, feminist and intersectional theory and methods

Tucker researches state planning interventions in Rio de Janeiro meant to "integrate" self-built housing settlements (favela neighborhoods) into the so-called formal city. Like many Latin American cities, Rio de Janeiro has historically been divided politically and culturally as well as by infrastructure and public services along the lines of city and slum, or the informal vs formal. Tucker's research focusses on how the state attempts to bridge this division through an urban planning and governing paradigm labeled as "favela integration." Scrutinizing the thinking behind this paradigm as well as the implementation, he details the challenges, contradictions, "successes" and resident resistance to the State's vision of "favela integration".

Academic Supervisors

Gareth A. Jones