Matt  Birkinshaw

Matt Birkinshaw

PhD candidate in Human Geography & Urban Studies

Department of Geography and Environment

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Research interests

Matt researches infrastructure and governance in Indian cities with a focus on urban water.

Other research interests:

Urbanisation, urban policy, and urban governance
Infrastructure, esp. urban water supply and e-governance
South Asia, Southern Africa, UK


Matt has research experience supporting a number of projects, mainly working on South Asia and urban governance. He taught on the course GY301 Political Geography of Development and the South for three years and has professional experience with international and community development NGOs in various capacities. Matt holds an MSc in Human Geography Research (LSE, Distinction), a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching (LSE, full), an MA in Human Rights (UoL) and a BA in Philosophy (Sussex).

Academic supervisors

Murray Low
Alan Mace