David  Nguyen

David Nguyen

PhD candidate in Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

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About me

Pre-PhD I worked as a consultant in the private sector and assisted governments to position themselves for international investors. I also graduated with an MSc in Local Economic Development from the LSE and hold a BSc in Economics from Utrecht University. My doctoral research is supported by a full fellowship from the German National Academic Foundation. 

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Research interests

Geography of multinational enterprises
Regional drivers of firm internationalisation
Global spatial patterns of industry sectors
Spillovers between and within firms
Migration and foreign direct investment

Thesis title and short abstract

My PhD explores the Geography of German Multinational Enterprises at Home and Abroad. Some of the questions I ask are: Which regional factors matter for firm internationalisation? Can firms leverage ties between their home region and foreign destinations when expanding abroad? Do existing migrant networks matter? Is the global location pattern of multinationals different from the local? Does technology-intensity play a role, or input-output linkages? My empirical models rely on detailed firm-level data and I have geocoded around 150,000 German-owned plants globally. 


I am a teaching assistant for the following courses at LSE:

Contemporary Europe (GY103), 2015-17
Economics of European Integration (EC235), 2014-17
Introduction to Quantitative Methods (MY451), 2016-17

Academic supervisors

Riccardo Crescenzi
Simona Iammarino