Carl  Truedsson

Carl Truedsson

PhD candidate in Human Geography & Urban Studies

Department of Geography and Environment

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Born in the US but partially raised in Sweden, Carl holds degrees from UCL and Edinburgh University. Prior to joining the LSE, Carl worked as a primary school teacher in the south-west of Sweden.

He is interested in the contemporary worldview and praxis of the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP); a party habitually described as undergoing a prolonged period of crisis. Observers contend that this disorientation has been spawned by - amongst other factors - the SAP’s acceptance of neoliberalism, Sweden’s changing class structure, the increased importance of civil society versus the state, and the professionalization and centralization of the SAP. Focusing on Katrineholm, a Swedish municipality long observed to be a microcosm of the social democratically inflected strong state, he is interested in ethnographically exploring beyond these macro-level explanations from the perspectives of local SAP members.

Provisional PhD Title: ‘Partying without the people? Exploring Swedish Social Democracy in the Neoliberal and Professionalized Age’

Academic Supervisors

Murray Low
Alan Mace