Dr Clare Barnes

Dr Clare Barnes

LSE Fellow in Environment

Department of Geography and Environment

020 7955 6844
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STC 3.17, St Clement's Building, LSE
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Clare joined the Department of Geography and Environment in 2016 as LSE Fellow in Environment, having previously worked as a Junior Assistant Professor in Environmental Governance at Utrecht University (2010-2016).

Clare received her MSc in Sustainable Development (cum laude, specialism Environmental Policy and Management) from Utrecht University in 2010. 

Clare currently works on the governance of common pool resources in India. Her PhD research critically analyses the approaches and influences of civil society organisations in community forest management in India. She draws on common pool resource theory, critical institutionalism, international development and policy implementation bodies of literature in her work. 

Clare’s research has been published in Environmental Science and PolicyWorld Development, and International Forestry Review

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Selected publications

  • Barnes, C., van Laerhoven, F. and Driessen, P. (2016) Advocating for Change? How a civil society-led coalition influences the implementation of the Forest Rights Act in India. World Development, 84:162-175 
  • Barnes, C. and van Laerhoven, F. (2014) Making it last? Analysing the role of NGO interventions in the development of institutions for durable collective action in Indian community forestry. Environ. Sci. Policy 84:162-175 
  • Van Laerhoven, F. and Barnes, C. (2014) Communities and commons: the role of community development support in sustaining the commons. Community Development Journal, 49(S1):i118–i132 
  • Barnes, C. and Van Laerhoven, F. (2013) Helping to Self-help: External Interventions to Stimulate Local Collective Action in Joint Forest Management, Maharashtra, India. International Forestry Review, 15(1):1-17