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Undergraduate Economic History Courses

Undergraduate Courses and Availability 2016-17

Please note that course availability for non-compulsory courses varies from year to year.

First year

  • EH101- The Internationalization of Economic Growth (Compulsory for all first year Economic History undergraduates)
  • EH102 - The Preindustrial Economy. (Compulsory for BSc Economic History, also available to BSc Economic History with Economics.)

Second Year

  • EH204 Money and Finance: From the Middle Ages to Modernity
  • EH207 - The Making of an Economic Superpower: China since 1850 (n/a 2016/17)
  • EH211 - Africa and the World Economy, 1500-2000 
  • EH225 - Latin America and the International Economy 
  • EH237 - Theories and Methods in Economic History (Compulsory for all second year Economic History undergraduates)
  • EH238 - The Industrial Revolution
  • EH240 - Business and Economic Performance since 1945: Britain in International Context

Third Year

  • EH304 - The Economic History of North America: from Colonial Times to the Cold War (n/a 2016-2017)
  • EH306   - Monetary and Financial History since 1750 
  • EH307   - The Economic History of South Asia 1600-2000
  • EH308  - Historical Economic Geography: Cities, Markets and Regions in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • EH325 - Issues in Modern Japanese Economic Development: Late Industrialisation, Imperialism and High Speed Growth
  • EH326 - Innovation and Its Finance in the 19th and 20th Centuries 
  • EH327 - China's Traditional Economy and its Growth in the Very Long-Term
  • EC311 - History of Economics: How Theories Change
  • EH390 - Dissertation in Economic or Social History (required for BSc Economic History, BSc Economic History with Economics, BSc Economics and Economic History)