Lecturer at the podium

Economic History Seminar 2019-20

Organisers (2019-20) 

Dr Jordan Claridge - j.claridge@lse.ac.uk

Dr Leigh Gardner - l.a.gardner@lse.ac.uk

Professor Max-Stefan Schulze - m.s.schulze@lse.ac.uk

Professor Joan Rosés - j.r.roses@lse.ac.uk


Summer Term 2020 - Virtual seminars

May 21

  • Joan Roses (LSE)
  • The Redistributive Effects of Pandemics. Evidence on the Spanish Flu (with Sergi Basco and Jordi Domenech)

June 4

  • Neil Cummins (LSE)
  • Does Education Matter? Tests from Extensions of Compulsory Schooling in England and Wales 1919-22, 1947 and 1972 (with Greg Clark)

June 18

  • Patrick Wallis (LSE)
  • Imperfect competition in labour markets 1670 – 1710 (with Judy Stephenson)

Lent Term 2020

Room: KSW G.01

Time: 4.30-6pm

 23 January

  • Amanda Gregg (Middlebury)
  • Financing Nascent Industry: Leverage, Politics, and Performance in Imperial Russia (co-authored with Steven Nafziger)

30 January

  • Alan de Bromhead (Queen's University, Belfast)
  • The House the Union Jack Built: Social Housing and Population in Ireland since 1911

6 February 

  • Greg Clark (UC Davis)
  • Before the Dawn: English Medieval Living Standards and Economic Growth 1200-1800


13 February

  • Paul Rhode (University of Michigan)
  • Slavery and Capitalism in US Antebellum Cotton Fields

20 February

  • Wouter Ryckbosch (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Revisiting industrialization in the Low Countries, 1700-1850: new perspectives on a classic comparison

5 March - The Epstein Lecture 2020

Venue: PAN G01 (Pankhurst Tower)

  • Mohammed Saleh
  • Export Booms and Labour Coercion: Evidence from the Lancashire Cotton Famine

Michaelmas Term 2019

 3 October

  • David Chilosi, (RUG)
  • Pioneering into the past: occupational structure in Italy before Italy

10 October

  • Xuesheng You, (Cambridge)
  • Steam and growth: market access and urban population change in England and Wales, 1830-1911

17 October

  • Patrick O'Brien, (LSE, Oxford)
  • Britain's Wars with France, 1793-1815 and their Contribution to the Consolidation of its Industrial Revolution

24 October

  • Carlo Ciccarelli (Tor Vergata, Rome)
  • Home Sweet Home: the Effect of Sugar Protectionism on Emigration in Italy, 1876-1913

31 October

  • Harold James, (Princeton)
  • Can the history of money tell us anything about the future of money?

14 November 

  • Charles Read, (Cambridge)
  • Towards a new narrative of the Great Irish Famine of 1845-53: The gold standard, political crisis and financial panic in 1840s Britain

21 November 

  • Catherine Casson, (Manchester)
  • Compassionate Capitalism: Business and Community in Medieval Cambridge

28 November

  • Sara Torregrosa-Hetland, (Lund)
  • Income taxes and redistribution in the early twentieth century

5 December

  • Yuzuru Kumon, (Bocconi)
  • The Deep Roots of Inequality

12 December

  • Chris Colvin, (Queen's Belfast)
  • Going Dutch: The management of monetary policy in the Netherlands during the interwar gold standard