Lecturer at the podium

Asia Economic History Seminar 2019-20

Organiser: Safya Morshed (s.morshed@lse.ac.uk)

Room: KSW G.01

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Michaelmas 2019

22 October

  • Dr Eric Schneider
  • Title: The effect of the Second World War on Japanese Children's Growth

26 November

  • Hanzhi Deng (LSE)
  • The Merit of Misfortune: Taiping Rebellion and the Rise of Indirect Taxation in Modern China, 1850s-1900s 

10 December

  • Alka Raman
  • Indian Cottons and the Evolution of Cotton Printing and Dyeing in Britain

Lent Term

21 January

  • Sijie (Jessie ) Hu
  • The Beckerian and the Darwinian Trade-off of Children in Chinese Families: Transmission of Fertility across Generations in China, 1400-1900

18 February

  • Runzhuo Zhai (Oxford)
  • The Chinese Rural Economic Performance and Standards of Living 1080-1953

31 March

  • Jinping Ma (Warwick)
  • The China Association of the Federation of British Industries 

Summer Term

5 May

  • Woody Wu (Oxford)                 
  • The Economic Consequences of the War on the Yangtze River, 1937-1945