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Professor Tirthankar Roy

Professor in Economic History

Department of Economic History

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I teach South Asia and Global History at the LSE, and am the author of India in the World Economy from Antiquity to the Present, besides other books and articles. My work on economic history tries to answer three questions. Is there a long-term pattern in Indian capitalism? When did the big breaks occur in that pattern? Does history help us understand how capitalism in India works today?

My recent publications include Law and the Economy in Colonial India (with Anand V. Swamy, University of Chicago Press, 2016). The book discusses the diverse influences that shaped British Indian law and shows why it delivered rather poor value to the users. Currently in press, The Economy of South Asia from 1950 to the Present (Palgrave, 2017) explores the historical roots of rapid economic growth in the region, with reference to politics, markets, resources, and the world economy. The first systematic economic history of modern South Asia, the book offers a new interpretation on why the region is changing so fast, and what that means for the world. My ongoing projects include a sequel to Law and the Economy (with Anand Swamy) dealing with post-independence India.

Research interests

History and development of South Asia, global history, empires, environmental history


EH307 The Economic History of South Asia, 1600-2000

EH404 India and the World Economy

EH479,EH480EH481EH491EH496-7EH498EH499 MSc Dissertations

 Select publications

Monsoon and the Market for Money in Late Colonial India, Enterprise and Society, 17(2), 2016, 324-357.

The Mutiny and the Merchants, The Historical Journal, 59(2), 2016, 393-416.

Geography or Politics? Regional Inequality in Colonial India, European Review of Economic History, 18(3), 2014, 306-23.

Trading Firms in Colonial India, Business History Review, 88 (Special Issue 1), 2014, 9-42.

Where is Bengal? Situating an Indian Region in the Early Modern World Economy, Past and Present, 213, 2011, 115-46.

Indigo and Law in Colonial India, Economic History Review, 64(S1), 2011, 60-75.

Economic Conditions in Early Modern Bengal: A Contribution to the Divergence Debate, Journal of Economic History, 70(1), 2010, 179-194.



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Expertise Details

Artisans and industrialization; economic history of South Asia; global history; historical methods; music history; textiles

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