Office Hours

Term-time office hours for Economic History faculty and teachers 2018-19

Please note these are for term-time only. Out of term, please contact the relevant person by email to make an appointment. 

Please note that some office hours have to be booked via the Studenthub app.

Dr Olivier Accominotti

SAR 5.14

Dr Gerben Bakker

SAR 5.09

Dr Jordan Claridge

SAR 5.05

Dr Neil Cummins

SAR 5.13

Book via LFY

Dr Kent G. Deng

SAR 5.17

Dr Leigh Gardner

SAR 5.07

Dr Spike Gibbs

SAR 6.15

Dr Karolina Hutkova

SAR 6.15

Professor Janet Hunter 

SAR 6.04

Dr Alejandra Irigoin

SAR 6.11



Enrique Jorge Sotelo

SAR 4.04

Dr Debin Ma

SAR 6.12

on leave 2019-20

Professor Chris Minns

SAR 5.12

Professor Mary S. Morgan  

SAR 6.09

Dr Natacha Postel Vinay

SAR 6.13

Professor Albrecht Ritschl

SAR 6.06

Professor Joan R. Roses 

SAR 5.15

Dr Anne Ruderman

SAR 5.06

Professor Tirthankar Roy

SAR 6.16

Dr Eric Schneider

SAR 5.18

Professor Max-Stephan Schulze

SAR 6.14

Dr Oliver Volckart

SAR 6.10

Dr Patrick Wallis

SAR 5.10

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Guest Teachers

Mattia Bertazzini (EH101)

SAR 4.04

Samuel Betteridge


SAR 4.04

Alex Burston-Chorowicz

(EH207, EH240)

SAR 4.04

Dr Peter Cirenza


Hangzhi Deng (EH207)

SAR 4.04


Thea Don-Siemion


SAR 4.04

Philip Epstein (EH401, EH402)

SAR 5.08


David Escamilla Guerrero (EH225)


SAR 4.04

Young-Ook Jang (EH103)


Jennifer Kohler


SAR 4.04

Ziang Liu


SAR 4.04

Dr Tim Leunig (EH101)

SAR 6.17

Maanik Nath (EH101)

SAR 4.04

Milan Petit


SAR 4.04

Alka Raman (EH225)

SAR 4.04

Clement Rawert

SAR 4.04

Dr Julian Wells

SAR 6.08

Meng Wu

(EH101, EH217)