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Reading Recommendations

Inspiring Reads

Which Economic History texts do our faculty members, researchers and teachers read for inspiration as well as information? Which books or articles do they wish they had written, or keep giving away to students? And how have they influenced their own study and writing?


Ms Tracy Keefe

Tracy, our department's Master's Programmes and Academic Research Manager, is also studying for a master's in history. She chooses two books related to her interest in the role of religion in history.

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Professor Tirthankar Roy

Tirthankar's chooses two texts on India's economic history, one famous for starting the ongoing debate on the impact of colonialism, the other a recent book on the history and role of handicrafts in the informal economy in India.

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Karolina and book cover

Dr Karolina Hutkova

Karolina's research focuses on industrialisation in the era of the British empire, particularly India’s connections with Britain. Her forthcoming book (2019) is on a venture by the British East India Company to create its own Bengali silk industry. Her reading choices trace her own developing interest in business history.

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Dr Alejandra Irigoin

Alejandra's choices include a demographer's re-examination of a catastrophic population collapse, and an argument that cheese-making rather than religion defined one national characteristic.

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Dr Chris Minns

Professor Chris Minns

Chris's reading choices are on historical migrations and why they are important for today.

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Dr Jordan Claridge

Jordan's two books relate closely to his research on how medieval economies  function, and how individuals and societies are impacted by cataclysmic change.

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