Economic History Hoodies

How to order

The Economic History Society, in collaboration with the Economic History Department, has produced a limited number of departmental hoodies for students, staff and alumni which are on sale now. 

The hoodies are £30 each - the same price as a conventional LSE hoodie - and with the LSE Economic History logo on the front, and 'London School of Economics' embroided into the ties.  

For now, hoodies will for now only be available in black.

Sizes and quantities  of sizes are shown below:

10 x Medium

20 x Large

20 x XL

10 x XXL

How to place your order 

Email with your preferred size, method of payment and your date of collection.

You can pay by  either cash provided upon collection or PayPal transfer to

Hoodies can be collected from SAR 5.10 on term time Fridays, 12noon-2pm, until further notice.