PS456 Consumer Psychology

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the social psychological and cognitive processes behind the consumption of goods and services, and to point at alternative modes of relationship with users/consumers then current relationships, which are based on market and competition.

Have a look below at some PS456 student's essays from last year (downloadable). Students are free to chose their case.

This illustrates the kind of skill you learn in this course: making business models more sustainable while providing better satisfaction to consumers. Our approach is alternative to mainstream marketing.

McDonald's case

Sustain case

Cadbury case

Mixit case

Naturebox case

Nike case

Tim Hortons case

Tesla China case

Yumist case

TFL case

Please note that LSE also offers an interesting course on a similar topic, although with a different approach; which may better suit the needs of some students: MG404.

Below in the 1mins 45 seconds video Professor Saadi Lahlou introduces PS456