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Title: Media orientation of universities – a golden age for public relations?

Abstract: We will report about a study on the the executive influence of public relations managers in the German higher education system. It provides evidence that the mediatization of German higher education offers an important opportunity for the empowerment of university PR departments. Nevertheless, an indispensable precondition for PR departments’ organizational advancement resides in the perception of its professionalization.

Speakers:  Frank Marcinkowski (University of Muenster, Germany), Matthias Kohring (University of Mannheim, Germany)

Frank Marcinkowski is Professor of Communication at the University of Muenster, Germany, where he specializes in media theory, political communication, and science communication. He holds an Ph.D. in political science from Mercator University, Duisburg/Essen. Marcinkowski has written articles and book chapters on the role of the media in electoral politics and referenda, the mediatization of science, the role of the media in new forms of governance, and online campaigning. He is coeditor, together with Barbara Pfetsch, of Politics in Media Democracy (VS, 2009).

Matthias Kohring is Professor at the University of Mannheim, Germany, His main subjects are theory of public sphere, science journalism and science communication, trust in news media and trust in internet communication. He holds an Ph.D. in communication from University of Muenster.