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Champa Heidbrink
Department Manager

Jacqueline Crane
Service Delivery Manager - MSc Programmes:
Department contact for issues relating directly to MSc study
Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7995

Terri-Ann Fairclough
PhD Programme and Communication Administrator:
Department contact for issues relating directly to PhD study
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Our Research


We investigate how social psychological processes shape political, economic, cultural and organisational life. We have a vibrant research culture which draws together different traditions of theory and research in social psychology.

We view psychology as a social science, the real world as our laboratory, and social psychology as a tool for understanding and addressing pressing social issues.

Mind in Society   Social Interaction

Cognition and Culture (Franks, Gillespie)

Embodied Cognition (Basso)

Social Artefacts and Technology (Bauer, Gaskell, Lahlou)

Social Identities (Campbell,Gleibs,Howarth)

Social Representations (Bauer, Howarth, Jovchelovitch, Lahlou)

Public Understanding of Science and Risk Perception(Bauer, Reader, Gaskell


Agency, Power and Inequality (Campbell, Howarth, Jovchelovitch)

Communication and Intersubjectivity (Franks, Gillespie, Reader)

Community Development (Campbell, Howarth,Jovchelovitch)

Intercultural Relations  (Howarth)

Group Processes (Garcia, Gleibs, Reader)

Race in the Academy (Ahmet, Howarth)

Organisational cultures   Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Economic life (Basso, Lahlou)

Installations and activity (Lahlou)

Knowledge processes (Garcia)

Leadership and change
(Bauer, Garcia, Gleibs, Reader)

Safety and risk cultures (Gillespie, Reader)



Health, Community and Development

Intercultural Research Group

International Cognition and Culture Institute

Inter-Personal and Organisational Communication (IPOC)

Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science (MACAS)

Organisational Research Group

Underground Sociabilities

Recent Publications

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