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News and Events Oct 2012 - Older 2013 Archive

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  • Circulation of Knowledge and challenges to health - Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch delivered a keynote address at the V Iberian-American Conference on Qualitative Research on Health” taking place in Lisbon. Sandra's paper focused on the social psychology of knowledge encounters and cognitive polyphasia in health research. Sandra said: "I am truly delighted to be speaking at this conference where I expect to meet again many of my collaborators and partners of the health reform movement in Brazil. It am also thrilled that I will have the chance to get to know and hear more about the innovative and exciting experiences that are taking place in the health sector throughout Latin America, Spain and Portugal". To know more about the conference click here.
  • 4 - 7 October 2012 - Dr Ben Voyer presented a paper at the Association for Consumer Research, North American Conference, Vancouver, Canada, presentation title: Effects on perception and cognition: Integrating recent findings and reviewing implications for consumer research (with M Kastanakis). Also see Ben's recent publications here.
  • Health, Community and Development alumnus Dr. Morten Skovdal, and current PhD student Ms. Sara Belton co-convened the International Conference.“Growing up with HIV in Africa” brings together interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to discuss current research and practice modalities and challenges concerning children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. Supported by the Psychology@LSE, the LSE Annual Fund, and Save the Children UK, the conference and subsequent journal special issue in Children and Youth Services Review will bring together over 50 participants from 10 countries working in this important area of HIV/AIDS research. More information on the conference can be found online at: http://www.psych.lse.ac.uk/growingupwithhiv
  • Papers on Social Representations. Dr Caroline Howarth organised an international conference to debate the future directions of Social Representations Research. View page.
  • September 2013- Molecules of Happiness: Why love matters to vulnerable children. Conference chaired by Sandra Jovchelovitch. Click to view

Psychology@LSE Research Seminars

  • Psychology@LSE Seminar Professor Saadi Lahlou hosted a seminar by Marina Everri. Parents and children’s negotiations during adolescence. View page
  • Of Mad Dogs and Men- Edmund Ramsden. : Creating Animal Models of Human Psychopathology. View page
  • How can we use partnerships to support positive intercultural relations? Developing collaborative research opportunities between practitioners and academics. View page
  • Intergroup Relationships and Essentialist Politics - Wolfgang Wagner. .View page and listen to audio.
  • Representation of self and body image among obese persons: a new approach - By Professor Isabel Urdapilleta from Parisian Social Psychology Laboratory - Paris 8 & Paris 10 Universities and Professor Saadi Lahlou of the Psychology@LSE Department. Download PDF invite. View Seminar details and listen to Audio. View Psychology@LSE Research Seminars page
  • Crowd Behaviour as Collective Action. Public Seminar, John Drury , Sussex University, Crowd Behaviour as Collective Action.
  • Methods for Dialogical Research - Public Seminar, Ivana Markova (Stirling University)and Paul Sullivan. View page and listen to audio
  • Conceptual and methodological implications. Public Seminar, Sergio Salvatore, University of Salento (Italy) Meaning as a dynamic process. View
  • Launch of the Underground Sociabilities Final Report. View Gallery | Read programme  | Read final report
  • Our project on YouTube | LSE Connect Magazine. Read more

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 HCD Seminars

  •  Workshop on using tools for participatory learning and action (PLA) This workshop is designed to introduce participants to a range of tools used in participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and research. Speaker:Susan B. Rifkin, PhD. View
  • Prisons, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS, The African prison is characterized by severe overcrowding, human rights abuses, deprivation of food, heterosexual relationships and major health problems, including HIV/AIDS. Speaker: Anne Egelund. LSE
  • Accidental Tourist VS Parachuting Researcher? An overview of community health interventions in Cambodia 2000-2013. Speaker: Ian Lubek, Professor(Adjunct) University of Guelph,Canada.

ESRC Seminars

  • First Person Perspective Video Data: Discovering New Questions. What questions are created by mobile first person perspective digital data? View website
  • Digital Ethnography. Current and Potential Uses of First Person Perspective: Current and Potential Uses of First Person Perspective. Read more. Videos available and further details View website

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PUS Seminars

  • Jean-Baptiste Gouyon(Science Museum, London). Title: ‘A collection of cinematograph pictures dealing with animal life should be placed in every important museum’ – Natural history film-making, a culture of knowledge production?
  • Fern Elsdon-Baker, Coventry University. Title:' Science, Atheism and Faith: How can understanding clash narratives inform approaches to practice in intercultural dialogue around Science and belief?'

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Ben Voyer :

  • Understanding Power and Leadership: the Role of Self-construal (with B. McIntosh),Cultural effects on perception and cognition: Integrating recent findings and reviewing implications for consumer research,
  • Are Social Media Only Social? Understanding the Role of Social Media in the Processes of Independent and Interdependent Identity Construction.

Martin Bauer, MW, S Howard, J Romo, L Massarani & L Amorin

Saadi Lahlou, Nosulenko, Valery, Samoylenko, Elena:

Other news

  • Picturing Social Change: Photovoice for Health, Community and Development. View
  • An introduction to PS446 'Issues in Organisational and Social Psychology: Organisational Life'. View
  • Dr Ben Voyer Chairs an LSE Public Lecture - Predatory Thinking. View page


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