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News and Events Oct 2009 - Sept 2010 Archive

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  • Sept 20th - 21st 2010 - HCD Group hosted the Local-Global Workshop at the NAB building at LSE. Read more
  • July 18 - 23rd 2010 -HCD Group at the 2010 XVII International AIDS Conference in Vienna.Conference webpage http://www.aids2010.org/
    Read here
    for more details
  • 28th June 2010 - High level meeting on Global Mental Health to be hosted by Health, Community and Development research group at the Psychology@LSE. Read more
  • 28th - 29th June 2010 - Text Mining conference co-ordinated by Martin Bauer. Conference was held at LSE.Read more
  • 24th June 2010 - Researching Social and Cultural Psychology Seminar - Annual Mini-Conference of the MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology. Read more
  • 23rd June 2010 - Bridging History and Social Psychology- An interdisciplinary dialogue about Social Representation and public sphere. This one day workshop was a first initiiative of it's kind aiming to bring together historians and Social Psychologists who have been exploring the nature of representations and their circulation and expressions in past and present public spheres. Read more
  • 23rd June 2010 - Basic tendencies and structural problems of sciencenews problems of science news in Turkish Newspapers: A long term analysis between 1993 - 2008. Speaker: ÇİLER DURSUN, Associate Professor, Ankara University Faculty of Communication/ Turkiye
  • 15th June 2010 - Title: bridging agent cognitive structure to the constitution of social networks: metalanguage approach. Seminar was given by Ahmet Suerdem. View page | Download invite . Download Towards a New Approach in Social Simulations: Read more 
  • 27th November - Dr Lucia Garcia has given a Lecture for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at Essex University Business School as part of the course: 'Organisational Learning and Collaboration in a Globalised World'

Psychology@LSE Research Seminars

  • Professor Jovchelovitch, together with her PhD students, attended the workshop "Social change and transformation of ideas and behaviour", organised together with Dr. Paula Castro. This workshop followed a very successful experience in early 2007, funded by GRICES and hosted by Psychology@LSE.
  • 21st - 22nd May 2010- 11th Annual Graduate Conference "Observing, promoting and resisting social change: Perspectives from the Social Sciences" . Key-notes and paper presentations will be dedicated to exploring the ways in which individuals and communities experience, react to, support, or resist social change in all instances of everyday life and human interaction. Organised by Psychology@LSE graduate students for graduate students from the UK and worldwide this conference is funded by the LSE Annual Fund.
  • 20 May 2010 - Psychology as Social Science Public Lecture. Speaker : Professor Ed Hutchins. Sandra Jovchelovitch chaired this Seminar. Ed Hutchins is Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego.To listen to Podcast and view lecture slides. Click here   
  • 11th May 2010 - Antonio Casilli -Studying eating disorders in the Social Web: new methods, new questions. Read more
  • 04 - 06th May 2010 - Asian Social Psychology and Asian Epistemologies: Potentials for Global Psychology?Professor James Liu. Read more
  • 12th February 2010 - Psychoanalysis and Society Public Lecture – Yannis Stavrakakis. How is order sustained in capitalist societies? This lecture highlights the mutual engagement between authority, fantasy and enjoyment. Yannis Stavrakakis is associate professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Listen to Podcast
  • January 2010 - Seminar by  Eva Green (University of Lausanne) & Adrian Bangerter (University of Neuchâtel).Title: transmission and transformation of scientific information: social psychological perspectives. Read more
  • December 2009 - Rob Harre runs a Beyond Rationality Workshop. View image
  • 25th November 2009 - Sarah Franklin, LSE and Kevin Burchell from Kingston University speech titled 'Public culture as professional science'.  Read more
  • 11th November 2009 - Social and public communication: The social and psychological framework of argumentation.Presented by: Professor Michel Meyer, Chair of Rhetoric and Argumentation, Université Libre de Bruxelles Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres de la République Française McGill Distinguished Lecturer 2010, McGill University, Montreal.
  • Rhetoric is the negotiation of the difference between individuals on a given question. The aim of this talk was to provide a general perspective on 'the negotiation of distance', which lies at the core of the argumentative process at large. Click to download poster
  • 16th November 2009 - Psychology@LSE and Psychoanalysis@LSE 'Psychoanalysis and Society' public lecture, was given by Susie Orbach. The lecture was entitled Bodies. View event details | Click to download Invite
  • 26th October 2009 - Professor Willem Doise visits the Psychology@LSE Department. Read more
  • 26th October 2009 - Professor Saadi Lahlou Inaugural Lecture. View page. Changing individual behavior is a major stake for policies and management, but humans think and act as social beings rather than rational agents. The lecture introduced Installation Theory, the principles of which can be used for governance.

HCD Seminars



  • Aug 5- 7 2010 - Ceren Yalcin(Psychology@LSE's PhD student) presented a paper: " Between Gates and Walls - Life in Gated Communities in Istanbul"at the Marxism and Psychology Conference at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Other News

  • 16th July 2010 - PhD Graduation ceremony for Morten Skovdal, Stravroula Tsirogianni, Guiseppe Alessandro Veltri and Eri Park. Read more
  • 16th June 2010 - LSE held the Strawberry Tea event in the Senior Dining Room, Patrick Humphreys had his retirement celebrated at this event. Read more
  • Dr Caroline Howarth - has taken over as the editor of Papers on Social Representations, an online international peer-reviewed journal and is working on a special issue on Social Representations and Social Identities – Inspirations from Gerard Duveen. Part of Caroline's motivation in taking on the journal is in tribute to Gerard and his gift for encouraging students and researchers to really think carefully, to debate from a scholarly position and to learn from listening to each other. He was a great mentor to Caroline from her early undergraduate days and he is sorely missed by many of us. For further details on the journal, please see: http://www.psych.lse.ac.uk/psr/
  • 8th December 2010 - Professor Saadi Lahlou celebrated the success of Psychology@LSE's three recent PhD graduates at the departments recent end of term party. Supervisors paid tribute to the achievements of Parisa Dashtipour, Morten Skovdal and Stavroula Tsirogianni. Click to view
  • October 2009 - Cumberland Lodge. View here 

NataliaConcha_237_220Natalia Concha
Research Officer at ETHNOS Research and Consultancy

[PhD Alumni  2012-13]
"The Department of Social Psychology helped shape my thinking in a way that has allowed me to apply my understanding of society to every aspect of my life. I have found it particularly relevant to the work I currently do in social research.

In this regard, I feel that the careers event is a brilliant space for students to find out how they can apply what they have learned to a range of sectors. It provides a platform to ground the Psychology@LSE's teachings with direct experiences of alumni in the labour market in an accessible and open way."