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25th April 2016 - PBS 50th Anniversary, Professor Hazel Markus presented her public lecture on Clash! How to Thrive in the Multicultural World.Read more |50th Anniversary website

12th April 2016 - PBS 50th Anniversary, Professor Richard Nisbett talked about Are Humans getting smarter?Read more |50th Anniversary website

24th February 2016 - PUS Seminar, Professor Martin Bauer talks about 'Atoms, Bytes and Genes - Public Resistance and TehnoScientific responses'.

09th February 2016 - PBS Event, MSc Networking event.

27th January 2016 - PUS Seminar, Elizabeth Dobson Jones from UCL, discussing -Celebrity science and ancient DNA - This event is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

25th November 2015 - PUS seminar,  PBS welcomed Eric Jensen (Warwick University) Promise, quality problems and new solutions in public engagement evaluation: Towards evidence-based practice Read more

6th November 2015 -
PBS blogs about the Department annual weekend away at the Cumberland Lodge. Discussions about new ideas at the intersection of psychology and society. Read more

4th November 2015 -  LSE Graduate Open Evening
 - This event invited prospective postgraduate students to attend and find out what options are available after studying at DSP. Read more

16th October 2015 - 50th Anniversary Seminar.
Reflections on the Politics of Gender and Sexuality in an Age of Extremism.Speaker: Professor Amina Mama. Read more


sgarner_clean Dr Steve Garner
University of West of England

"All the exchanges I have participated in at the Psychology@LSE have been thoroughly stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking. I always leave looking forward to the next one.