From Millennials With Love


Ten OSP Aumni have launched an e-book called From Millennials With Love.  

"The book is a collection of personal stories about how young professionals around the globe see and experience work. Those stories touch on topics such as the challenges and opportunities of starting to work at a time of important economic turmoil; what we wish, as young professionals, to get from our work, our manager, our CEO and organisation; how do we think about what it means to work; or how do we envisage the world of work evolving tomorrow.  

From Millennials With Loveis also a platform to promote Armonia - a Mexican NGO, working with some of the country’s poorest urban and rural communities – as the e-book can only downloaded with a donation to this organization who was started by one of our contributors. "

 - Ann-Victoire Pincé (OPS 2006/2007)