Gender in Organisational Psychology

Gender relations between women and men shape our experience of working in organisations. An often cited example of this is that women on average are paid 16% less than men for the same full time job.

However, gender relations also affect men, with a growing interest in paternity leave benefits and the lack of uptake by men. Gender is an important consideration for both men and women in all types of organisations, from private corporations to government and NGOs. Yet, the implications of gender are often overlooked in organisational management, teamwork, leadership and decision-making. In this talk I will explore how thinking about gender from a social psychological perspective sheds light on our everyday experiences of working in organisations. While gender and diversity are increasingly relevant (and controversial) topics for today’s organisations, they are often dismissed as too theoretical for the hands-on practical environment of the working world. 

Dr Jenevieve Mannell drew on a practical case study from an NGO to explore current approaches to gender equality in organisational environments. She also discussed the question of why gender is relevant for organisations, and what could be done about it in everyday working lives.