Climate March in Tanzania

Over 300 people attended a People's Climate March in Dar es Salaam last month as part of the global day of action on climate change on 21st September. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets around the world to demand action in advance of the UN Summit on Climate Change on 23rd September.

The event in Dar es Salaam was organised by a civil society alliance of Climate Action Network Tanzania (CAN Tz), ForumCC, Oxfam Tanzania and Youth Climate Activist Network (YouthCAN), and LSE Social Psychology PhD student Sharon Jackson was part of the organising team in Tanzania.

A researcher with the Health, Community and Development group, Sharon is in Tanzania conducting fieldwork for her PhD on community responses to climate change and HIV. The alliance also submitted a statement to the Tanzanian Minister for Environment calling for bold action by developed countries to reduce emissions by 75% by 2035 to keep global temperature increase below 1° C and for developing countries to commit to low-carbon development pathways.

They also called for action on carbon finance, priority support for adaptation, support for locally-appropriate and renewable energy technologies and the incorporation of agriculture into global climate agreements.

The Tanzanian event involved hundreds of school students and was covered in national media, featured in global People's Climate March coverage and even announced from the stage at the tens-of-thousands-strong London march.

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