Identity in a Globalised World

Dr Ilka Gleibs, lecturer in social and organisational psychology, was one of the four researchers who have organised the expert workshop on ‘Identity in a Globalised World: social psychological dynamics in the face of globalisation’, to be held from  at the International Academy of Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm, Germany.

The workshop, organised by Dr Gerhard Reese, Université du Luxembourg; Jutta Proch, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany; and Professor Dr Christopher Cohrs, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, brings together researchers from a wider range of social sciences (sociology, political science, psychology) to order to analyse the dynamics of identification in a globalised world.

Specifically, the workshop aimed to investigate how people perceive globalisation, and how they respond psychologically. The workshop brought together researchers from nine countries and four continents to instigate and develop a theoretically sound perspective on the social and political psychology of globalisation.”