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politicalPsychology - PSR Conference

Psychology@LSE marks a strong presence at the International Meeting in Political Psychology in Istanbul, Turkey (9th -12th of July, 2011).


The annual scientific meeting of the International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP) saw a strong presence of Psychology@LSE faculty members, as well as several current and former doctoral students. Entitled "Cooperation and Human Societies: Towards a Multidisciplinary Political Psychology", the conference gathered more than 700 delegates from leading research universities, who exchanged ideas and debated on multi-disciplinary topics related to political psychology. Psychology@LSE members presented a wide range of topics covering theoretical, empirical and methodological advances in political social psychology, reflecting the diversity of Psychology@LSE's academic interests.

Caroline Howarth's paper, drawing on everyday constructions of identity in a community arts settings, examined the ways in which representations not only construct identity but also enable the process of doing identity to become dialogic, contested and hence political.

Johannes Rieken presented an analysis of police practice filmed with Body-Worn-Video (BWV). BWV produces audiovisual recordings from the perspective of officers. Johannes demonstrated that such material allows the detailed observation of the micro-level actions and an inquiry into the distributed cognitive processes that form policing in its context.

Ben Voyer presented his work on power and leadership, offering a new conceptual framework to integrate the role of self-construal in understanding the relation between the power and leadership.

Mohammad Sartawi and Gordon Sammut presented data from two intercultural studies with the Maltese community and with the Muslim community in London. They show that an attribution of 'ignorance' serves to preserve one's own perspective from the dialogical challenge posed by another.

Stavroula Tsirogianni & Gordon Sammut presented a qualitative method for the classification of points of views that overcomes limitations associated with the unilinear and quantitative measurement of perspectives and social values that is commonplace in social psychology today.

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