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Graduate Conference 2011

The aim of this conference was to bring together contemporary research, theory and practice on the social, cultural and historical dynamics that contribute to the constitution of the self on a societal level. Graduate students from all over the world and across various disciplines presented research projects and shared their experiences. It was an exciting event for all of us! 
Prof Jonathan Potter
Prof Jonathan Potter gave a stimulating talk on his empirical study of communication in child protection helplines.

Dr Derek Hook
Dr. Derek Hook argued in his presentation that identification should be viewed as an ongoing inter-subjective interaction that allows neither for a singular isolated subject nor indeed for any final separation from what is being identified with.

Dr Gail Moloney
In her talk, Dr. Gail Moloney discussed why many people act contrary to what they believe. She shed light on questions like why it is that 4% of Britain's population donate blood, why the introduction of recycled water in a drought-stricken region of Australia met resistance, and how editorial cartoons convey social understandings of refugees and asylum-seekers.  

Attendee's at the conference

A speaker at the conference
Professor Jonathan Potter at the Conference