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Bridging agent cognitive structure

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Title: Bridging agent cognitive structure to the constitution of social networks: metalanguage approach. Seminar was given by Ahmet Suerdem .Download invite 

Download Towards a New Approach in Social Simulations:


This presentation offered a framework for bridging micro to macro emergence, macro-to-micro social causation, and the dialectic between emergence and social causation. It undertakes a cultural approach for modelling communication and symbolic interaction between agents as the key element of connecting these three aspects. A cultural approach entails modelling cognitive agents who are not only capable of representing knowledge but also able to generate meanings through their experiential activities. The presentation offer a meta-language approach allowing dynamic meaning generation during the interactions of the agents.

This framework is implemented to a social simulation model. There are four important implications of the model: First, model shows a dynamic setup where agents can generate and elaborate multiplicity of meanings. Second, it exemplifies how individual mental models can interact with each other and evolve. Third, a thickly coherent cultural background is not necessary for the emergence of embedded social networks, a thin coherence such as opposition maps would be sufficient to observe their dynamic formation. Fourth, exchange of meanings through successful sense-making practices generates a social anchoring process.