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Social and Public Communication

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Communication is the ‘life blood’ of social life. Forget for a moment all exciting new technology, and take a breath. Before and after anything in social media, a social–psychological analysis of communication is the key to understand everyday conflict situations among individuals, as well as professional problems of managing attention, identities, images and reputations of institutions, business corporations, parties and social movements. For more information on the MSc programme, click here.


Every year SPC brings together 20-25 very diverse, truly international students. Many have had several years of professional experience in communication; they are taking time out and seek to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the fundamental processes that underpin face-to-face and public communications. Other aspiring students are seeking to construct a career move into the world of professional communications, and we offer an excellent basis for this.


Professor Martin Bauer
Dr Bradley Franks
Dr Ilka Gleibs
Dr Alex Gillespie
Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch
Dr Derek Hook (Birkbeck College, London)
Professor Adrian Bangerter (Visiting Fellow, University of Neuchatel)

Selected projects

CONSPIRACY THEORIES AS A QUASI-RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. This theoretical and empirical project seeks to create a new and more comprehensive understanding of conspiracy theories in modern societies.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND THE PUBLIC SPHERE: on-going explorations of the structure, dynamics and functions of the public imagination in relation to scientific and technological innovations. This involves collaborations with researchers across Europe, India, Latin America and China.

PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE: The world’s leading academic journal on popular science and the science-society interface; Editor-in-Chief: Professor Martin W Bauer

MACAS (MAPPING THE CULTURAL AUTHORITY OF SCIENCE) ACROSS EUROPE AND INDIA. While science may be a global affair, the representation of science in society is variable across time and space, and will remain so for some time to come.

SCIENCE JOURNALISM ACROSS THE GLOBE: Working conditions and professional ethos. This project seeks to track the changing working conditions of science journalism and its ethos in collaboration with SciDev.

SCIENCE LITERACY AND ATTITUDES IN CHINA. A project in collaboration with CRISP Beijing (China Research Institute for Science Popularisation)

A CRISIS OF COMMON SENSE? An international network of scholars explores the notion of common sense as a foundation for the social sciences. How is common sense conceptualised in different disciplines and in different places around the globe.


This programme has a ‘special relationship’ with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the United Kingdom accreditation body for Communication Professionals. Students who successfully complete the MSc Social & Public Communication will be uniquely entitled for a fast route through the Professional accreditation process. No other MSc programme in or outside the LSE is offered this professional recognition.

Our students go on to develop exciting careers in the field of professional communication, read more; some even found their own PR companies. Others inspired by the theories and research they have learned during their MSc decide to pursue a PhD.

Featured Alumni

Anupama Das currently works for an Indian radio station (Asia Vision) in the U.S. She presents and produces shows that deal with topics to do with Indian and International films and Indian music more popularly known as 'Bollywood' along with updating the South Asian community on any relevant upcoming events in the city.


Valerie Ute Suzanne Hartwich works as an investigative journalist


Yan Ting Leung works for Janus Capital Group in Hong Kong as a Business Development Specialist


Claire Tighe works in the press relations of a British Political Party


Bankole Falade continued with a PhD in Social Psychology on the topic of ‘vaccination controversies and public understanding of science in Nigeria’


 martin Professor Martin Bauer
Programme Director