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Champa Heidbrink
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Service Delivery Manager - MSc Programmes:
Department contact for issues relating directly to MSc study
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Terri-Ann Fairclough
PhD Programme and Communication Administrator:
Department contact for issues relating directly to PhD study
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As from 1 July 2016, the Department of Social Psychology expanded to become the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science (PBS).

The name change will showcase the Department’s new BSc programme, the BSc in Psychological and Behavioural Science (to be launched in 18/19), with British Psychology Society Accreditation.

It will also provide an appropriate home for our existing MSc programmes in Social and Cultural Psychology; the Psychology of Economic Life; Social and Public Communication; and Organisational and Social Psychology, as well as our thriving PhD programme.

The expanded department will also become a hub for the 50+ psychological and behavioural researchers in other disciplines across the LSE as well as a cutting-edge centre of expertise in its own right.


Dr Jana Uher presented key findings of her Marie Curie research in the Public Lecture How we judge others' personality: Gender, ethnicity and questionnaires, chaired by Professor Julia Black, Interim Director and Pro Director for Research. The event was attended by about 250 people, among them many of her research participants as well as equality and diversity experts and practitioners from the London Universities, the Equality Challenge Unit, various NGOs and HR recruitment companies. Within just a week, the Podcast has already been downloaded more than 30,299 times.


Dr Jana Uher has been appointed as Guest-Editor for the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B together with Prof Trevor Robbins and further colleagues from Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology. In their Theme Issue, they bring together leading scholars from experimental neurophysiology, psychiatry, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, psychogenetics, developmental, differential, personality, clinical and comparative psychology, nonlinear dynamics modelling and evolutionary theory to work towards integrated taxonomies of individual differences, their neurobiological underpinnings and expression in psychopathology.


Dr Jana Uher and Prof Saadi Lahlou are chairing the symposium "First-person video records for evidence-based explorations of psychical and behavioural processes in the lab and the real-world" at the International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) in Vienna, Austria, 23-25 March 2017. ICPS is part of a larger initiative on integrative science and attended by more than 2,200 delegates from over 75 countries. Read more


New LSE research could provide a critical breakthrough for job seekers with Asperger’s syndrome. Read more



LSE PhD graduate, Balissa Greene, has been nominated for a British Psychological Society Practitioner of the Year award for her research. Read more


Congratulations to Michael Muthukrishna for receiving the 2016 Award in Social Sciences for his dissertation, The Cultural Brain Hypothesis and the Transmission and Evolution of Culture. Read more

Also on twitter feeds: https://twitter.com/CGSGradEd/status/806920597057994752


tomReader_49 Congratulations to Tom Reader whose work on the topic of "Fatigue not being taken seriously – especially among low cost airlines"has been featured in The Times and The Telegraph.


Marina Everri has edited a book about same-sex parents and their children living in Italy, a country which still discriminates these family forms. The book focuses on: children’s developmental processes, parenting, and the practices of practitioners working in educational, social and clinical services. Marina discusses a new approach for the study and intervention with ‘non-traditional’ families, based on the notion of ‘culture of difference’. Read her contribution to our blog

The book overview in English is available here

Book title: Everri, M. (2016). Genitori come gli altri e tra gli altri. Essere genitori omosessuali in Italia.’ Mimesis, Milano. View cover


Warm congratulations to Celestin Okoroji, in the first year of our PhD programme, for winning the POPULAR PRIZE at the LSE Research Festival.
Celestin Okoroji, Department of PBS Poster - The Nadir of British Life: social representations of the unemployed. See more


Ben Voyer gave a Keynote in SwitzerlandIt was for the 13th Swiss Congress for Health Economics.http://www.skgg.ch

See the attached programme

Sandra_blogTiny Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch speaks at the Panel of the International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities at the UN Habitat III Conference, taking place in Quito,  Ecuador 17-21 October 2016. More information


ChrisTennant_67h Chris Tennant recently did a talk about "Autonomous vehicles: negotiating a place on the road" at the London Transport Museum. View his newspaper clippings

Marina Everri and her colleagues of the University of Parma, Italy, have published two papers about the relation between family functioning and adolescents’ development in the Journal of Child and Family Studies. It seems that adolescents demand more engagement, emotional connectedness, and containment from their parents. The results of these studies also provide hints for professionals working with children and families. 

The role of Rigidity in adaptive and maladaptive families assessed by FACES IV: The points of view of adolescents. Read abstract

Family functioning, parental monitoring and adolescent familiar responsibility in middle and late adolescence. Read abstract


Congratulations to Michael Muthukrishna on a very successful piece in the LSE business review - co written with one of the MSc students (Katie Dowbiggin)



Dr Alex Gillespie will be presenting at the BBC Future World Changing Ideas Summit in Sydney on 15th November 2016


Dr Ilka Gleibs had an interview on BBC World, 15.06.2016. View the interview


Professor Martin Bauer made a personal submission to the recent House of Commons Science and Technology Committee enquiry o of Science Communication on trends in British Science Culture since 1990. The short report of 3000 words offers an evidential opinion from work in progress in Project MACAS [mapping the cultural authority of science]. Read more | report


Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch and a team of academics and students travelled to Brazil for the project ‘Resilience and Porosity of City Borders: A Psychosocial investigation in three Brazilian cities


Professor Martin Bauer produced a short report at his lecture in Zurich,The title is: why do technologies fail [report is in German] Read more


Marta-entradas_49 Dr Martha Entradas was awarded a European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA). Read more
notextcoverexportside4967  Dr Akile Ahmet launched her Race in the Academy research section. Read more

Dr Tom Reader and Dr Alex Gillespie have a paper on the following: 

Complaints data is untapped resource for NHS improvement

The NHS can better utilise the vast potential of patient complaint data, according to a new study from the Department of Social Psychology. Read more


Dr Tom Reader won best presentation at the 9th Behavioural Sciences Applied to Surgery and Acute Care meeting (held in Bonn). He reported on the Healthcare Complaints Analysis Tool (HCAT). This is a tool developed with Dr Alex Gillespie in order to help hospitals learn from complaints about unsafe and poor quality care.


PBS article warns against incorrect use of Psychological terms Read more


Research by Corti & Gillespie featured in the BBC, Ars Technica, Discovery Magazine, FutureProof, and the Huffington Post.


Dr Ben Voyer’s work has recently been recognised by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of A rts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) with the award of a fellowship. Since its foundation in 1754, the RSA aims at addressing some of society's greatest challenges by triggering original thinking and implementing novel solutions. Dr Voyer’s research in organisational psychology aims at improving teamwork by understanding the psychological consequences of power on the behaviours of leaders and followers.


Sandra Jovchelovitch delivered a keynote address to the 17th Brazilian congress of Sociology. Read more


Ten OSP alumni have just launched a new e-book called From Millennials With Love. Read more


HCD Doctoral candidate Apurv Chauhan has been selected to participate in a residential writing retreat organised by the Qualitative Health Research Writing Group Network. Apurv’s doctoral thesis is supervised by Professor Catherine Campbell.

William Robson49x67

This year we are celebrating all things LSE history because October 2015 marks the 120th anniversary of the very first students arriving at LSE. Read more


Mihoko Yotsui (HCD student, 2012-13) has published her MSc Thesis in the journal Ageing and Society, which focuses on the role of social participation by the elderly in disaster settings. Read more


PBS blog got mentioned on the website of Time Magazine and Aspen Institute. How can the theory and practice of social psychology enhance individual, collective and organisational well-being and effectiveness in specific social settings? We discuss this and other issues on our PBS blog

alexStoryLine Research by Corti & Gillespie replicating and extending Stanley Milgram’s research on cyranoids, recently published in the Journal of Social Psychology has been reported in Discovery Magazine and Wired Magazine. Read more


Can Power Change how we connect with others?

Ben Voyer in his research studies how power changes the way we see ourselves in relation to others. Read more


Dr Lucia Garcia was invited to attend as a judge and to submit 3 of our OSP research dissertations to the IndigoGold new research in workplace psychology awards, Sarah Latham (OSP Msc students dissertations) came second in the final shortlist. Read more

Climate Change is a topic of growing interest to PBS. PhD graduate Sharon Jackson is both a climate change researcher and activist, and was recently involved in organising a march in Tanzania. Read more


Research published by Basso F., Robert-Demontrond Ph., Hayek-Lanthois M., Anton J.-L., Nazarian B., Roth M. & Oullier O. (2014), Why people drink shampoo? Food Imitating Products are fooling brains and endangering people for marketing purposes, PLoS ONE 9(9): e100368. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0100368. Read more

To be added to our Seminar Listing group please email Terri-Ann Fairclough

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Undergraduates interested in taking the PS102 option course can find out more in a 3 minute video here or on the course page here


(In order of recent to oldest)

08 June 2017 - How we judge others' personality: Gender, ethnicity and questionnaires, Old Theatre, Old Building.
Speaker: Dr Jana Uher.
Chair: Professor Julia Black.

Watch/Listen to podcast


22nd March 2017 - Learning from Complaints: the benefits to organisations of listening to uncomfortable truths, Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.
Speakers: Dr Alex Gillespie, Dr Tom Reader.
Chair: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch

Listen to podcast 


21st March 2017 - Charles Spence, Public Lecture, Gastrophysics – The New Science of Eating  Video, slides, and podcast available here


25th February 2017 - Revolution in the Mind: Reassessing the psychology of rebellion and obedience Hosted by the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science and LSE Literary Festival, Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.
Speakers: Patrick Flanery, Professor Alex Haslam, Professor Steve Reicher
Chair: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch


23rd February 2017 - Sam Bowles - Public Lecture, The Moral Economy: Why good incentives are no substitute for good citizens (i.e. Endogenous Preferences and Public Policy) View video

8th December 2016David Rand  dicussed Cooperation is central to successful human societies. But why are people willing to incur the individual costs involved in cooperating? View video

1st December 2016
- Oliver Scott Curry - Research Seminar, Is it good to cooperate? Testing the theory of morality-as-cooperation in 60 societies. View video

10th November 2016 - Cristina Moya - Research Seminar, The evolution and ontogeny of etho-linguistic reasoning. View video

4th November 2016  - Keith Jensen - Research Seminar, The Hyper-cooperative and Hyper-competitive Primate. View video

3rd November 2016 - Baroness Susan Greenfield discusses, A Day in the Life of the Brain: the neuroscience of consciousness from dawn 'til dusk. View video

Larry Aber held a talk about Improving children’s learning and development in conflict-affected countries. PBS Research Seminar, View video or listen to audio of this event. View page

Future events

11th May 2017 - Alison Gopnik - Public Lecture, When children are better (or, at least, more open-minded) learners than adults are: Theory formation, causal models, and the evolution of learning.

1st June 2017-
Hartmut Rosa, PBS Research Seminars, Awaiting title.


Previous events

23rd March 2017 - Erik Kimbrough, PBS Research Seminars, Kinship, Fractionalization and Corruption.


9th March 2017 - Molly Crockett, PBS Research Seminars, The Price of Principles: Experiments in Moral Decision-Making


16th February 2017 - Felix Warnecken, PBS Research Seminars,The Origins of Human Cooperation: Evidence from Children and Chimpanzees


12th January 2017 - Cath Haslam, PBS Research Seminars, The social self and health: The neglected link to successful ageing

26th January 2017 - Adrian Furnham, PBS Research Seminars, The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories


30th November 2016 - Dr Chris Tennant, LSE and Dr Sally Stares, City University, PUS Seminar, Driverless cars and the public: collision or collaboration? Read more

17th November 2016
- Liam Delaney - Research Seminar, Self-control, present bias, and well-being: evidence from day reconstruction studies Read abstract

13th October 2016
- A one day symposium was held in partnership with http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty/J._Lawrence_Aber Goldsmiths Universiry of London for a photovoice exhibition (as part of the Race in the Academy research project). View Photovoice video

12th October 2016
 - Chris Tennant did a talk on Autonomous vehicles: negotiating a place on the road”

At the London Transport Museum. The event was titled ‘The future of mobility’ and was hosted by Goodyear Tyres.

We are presenting the results of our research project which particularly focusses on how existing drivers will respond to the emergence of autonomous vehicles on the road.

[Seminars with video please refer to top of this tab under the heading "Media"]

We investigate how social psychological processes shape political, economic, cultural and organisational life. We have a vibrant research culture which draws together different traditions of theory and research in PBS. Read more

Mind in Society


Social Interaction

Cognition and Culture (Franks, Gillespie)

Embodied Cognition (Basso)

Social Artefacts and Technology (Bauer, Gaskell, Lahlou)

Social Identities (Campbell,Gleibs,Howarth)

Social Representations (Bauer, Howarth, Jovchelovitch, Lahlou)

Public Understanding of Science and Risk Perception(Bauer, Reader, Gaskell

Stereotypical biases in judgements of personality  (Uher, Lahlou)


Agency, Power and Inequality (Campbell, Howarth, Jovchelovitch)

Communication and Intersubjectivity (Franks, Gillespie, Reader)

Community Development (Campbell, Howarth,Jovchelovitch)

Intercultural Relations  (Howarth)

Group Processes (Garcia, Gleibs, Reader)

Race in the Academy (Ahmet, Howarth)


Organisational cultures


Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Economic life (Basso, Lahlou)

Installations and activity (Lahlou)

Knowledge processes (Garcia)

Leadership and change
(Bauer, Garcia, Gleibs, Reader)

Safety and risk cultures (Gillespie, Reader)



Health, Community and Development

Intercultural Research Group

International Cognition and Culture Institute

Inter-Personal and Organisational Communication (IPOC)

Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science (MACAS)

Organisational Research Group

Underground Sociabilities


At PBS we offer four MSc programmes:

MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

MSc Psychology of Economic Life

MSc Social and Public Communication

Read more about our course options.


The PBS PhD programme is a vibrant research community, with about 30 PhD candidates working closely with Faculty on a range of topics.

Read more about our PhD studies


PBS is both an exciting area of research within psychology and a perspective on the whole of the discipline.

Read more about our Undergraduate Courses.

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