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Dr Ilka Gleibs


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I joined the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science (PBS) as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Social and Organisational Psychology after working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Exeter and a Lecturer in Experimental Social Psychology at the University of Surrey.

I specialises in social identity change. My research covers the effect of mergers on group identities (Gleibs et al., 2008; 2013), how social identity can affect wellbeing in different circumstances (Gleibs et al., 2013; 2010) and the impact multiple social identities can have on wellbeing (Jones et al., 2012) and performance (Martiny, Gleibs et al., in press). I am interested in research ethics (Gleibs, 2014) and am Chair of the Department of Social Psychology Ethics Committee and member of the LSE Research Ethics Committee.

I am currently involved in a EPSRC funded projects exploring the role of identities and behavior in the digital age (EP/J005053 Identiscope: multiple identities as a resource for understanding and impacting behaviour in the digital world), which explores impact of social identity processes in online and offline behaviour

I convene PS421 (Group Dynamics) and PS438 (Corporate Communication); I also teach on various other courses in Social and Cultural Psychology and Social and Public Communication. I also supervise MSc dissertations and PhD theses.

Current PhD supervision

Geetha Reddy

The perceived influence of structural factors on individuals of mixed ethnicities in Singapore and Malaysia

Future PhD supervision

If you are interested in working with me on a PhD, you can contact me in advance of making a formal application. I'm happy to discuss ideas but please, send me something short and focused and include your CV.


Research on Ethics and Social Media Research:

Research on Social Identity and Well-Being: The Science of the Young One’s; BBC documentary, October 2010

Research on Mergers: Fairness ist das A und O bei Fusionen [Fairness is nuts and bolts for mergers], duz - Das Unabhängige Hochschulmagazin, May 2007; Erfolgskiller

Fusion [Success Killer Merger], Financial Times, Germany, June 21st 2007; Fairness fördert Fusionserfolg [Fairness advocates merger success], Fairnessblog, August 14th 2007


For publications click here

gleibs_new Dr Ilka Gleibs

"I have a range of interests in social psychology but my main focus on consequences of multiple identities and changes in (of) social identities at their consequences"