Hamid Seyedsayamdost

Hamid holds a BA in Economics and a PhD in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. His PhD thesis examines the reproducibility of empirical findings in the natural and social sciences. Aside from work on reproducibility, he has an interest in moral and political philosophy, economics, as well as data science.

Dates of Visit: 18 May - 22 September 2016

Project Title: Reproducibility of Empirical Findings: Problems and Possible Solutions

Project Description:  This research project consists of three sub-projects. The first sub-project is a detailed analysis of the ethical presuppositions made in discussions of climate ethics/justice. The second sub-project is the development of a fresh approach to normative theorising, building on what is called moral and/or political constructivism. The third sub-project is the application of constructivism to normative questions in relation to climate change; what could be called, “constructive climate ethics”. This bottom-up approach, working from conceptions of the relevant agents and context at hand, is argued to be promising in light of the existing political deadlock over climate change.