Ya-nan Wang

Ya-nan Wang is a Lecturer of the Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology at Shanxi University. She received her PhD degree in Philosophy of Science and Technology from Shanxi University in 2015. Her research interests lie in general philosophy of science and philosophy of social science. Her current work focuses on complexity of social science.

Dates of Visit: 24 April 2017 – 24 April 2018

Project Title: Research on Philosophy of Social Science in the Perspective of Complexity Theory.

Project Description: Philosophy of social science is a series of studies that focus on the scientific status of social knowledge. Complexity science provides new answers for many significant and difficult issues about the rationality of social science, such as the complexity of social reality, the intentionality of individuals, the influence of cultural ideas on social science research, and so on. My project attempts to study the following aspects among these many issues: whether there are laws in the social sciences; the reliable modes of social scientific explanation; the modeling trend of social science. And other related core problems would be also investigated. My research is funded by The Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology, Shanxi University.