Roberto Fumagalli

Dr. Roberto Fumagalli is Junior Professor at the University of Bayreuth and Visiting Scholar at the London School of Economics and the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his PhD at the London School of Economics in 2011 with a thesis on the philosophical foundations of neuroeconomics. His main research interests are in philosophy of economics, philosophy of science, and moral philosophy. He has published articles in several journals, including Economics and Philosophy, Biology and Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Erkenntnis, Social Choice & Welfare, the Journal of Economic Methodology, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, and Studia Leibnitiana.

Project Title: Who is Afraid of Scientific Imperialism?

Project Description:  In recent years, several authors debated about the justifiability of scientific imperialism, the systematic application of a discipline's findings and methods to model and explain phenomena investigated by other disciplines. To date, however, widespread disagreement remains regarding both the identification and the normative evaluation of scientific imperialism. In this paper, I aim to remedy this situation by making some conceptual distinctions concerning scientific imperialism and by providing a normative evaluation of the most prominent objections to it. I shall argue that these objections provide a basis for opposing some instances of scientific imperialism, but do not yield any cogent reason to think that scientific imperialism in general is objectionable or unjustified. I then highlight this result's implications for the ongoing philosophical debate about the justifiability of scientific imperialism.