Ignacio Ojea Quintana

Ignacio is finishing his Philosophy Ph.D at Columbia University in New York, and will be a Core Curriculum Preceptor at that university the upcoming year. He finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and after that he did a Masters in Logic there. His interests are in Game and Decision Theory, Logic and formal approaches to Social Epistemology and the sociology of Science.  He also received funding from the Academic Partnership Ph.D. Mobility Program between Columbia University and the LSE.

Dates of Visit: 24 April – 30 June 2017

Project Title: Pooling and Radical Disagreement

Project Description: The issue of opinion aggregation is the problem of determining a sensible formula for representing the opinions of a group. In joint collaboration with a peer of mine, Rush Stewart, we already developed an account of probabilistic opinion pooling using imprecise probabilities in two different papers. I am currently working on a third application in the context of radical disagreement - i.e. with different conceptual backgrounds. In many natural cases, disagreement among the agents is not just about the degree of belief they attribute to a certain event, but rather with respect to which events they even took into account when assessing the problem. This is modelled by using different underlying algebras for each individual.  I am also working on issues of altruism and game theoretic (matching) applications to the problem of the division of cognitive labour in Science.