Greta Favara

I am a second year PhD student in Political Studies at the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan. I am undertaking a research which deals with meta-theoretical and methodological questions in political philosophy. My background is indeed strictly philosophical: I earned both a BA and a MA in Philosophy at San Raffaele University in Milan, where I am currently a member of CeSEP –  Centre for Study in Public Ethics.

Dates of visit: 13/01/2014 - 04/07/2014


Research Project: My PhD project aims at systematizing the use and interpretation of the category of possibility within normative political theory. On the one hand, I intend to clarify the meaning of the concepts that fall within this category – among which necessity and impossibility that have a close connection with the notion of possibility; on the other, my purpose is to specify how similar concepts should be used in normative argumentation. To this twofold end, the research focuses on counterfactual reasoning and on the well-known “ought-implies-can principle”, which are both built on the language of possibility and constitute crucial tools for normative and political reasoning. The lexicon of possibility is indeed at the very basis of normative political reflection, but it is often employed without proper inquiry. The ultimate purpose of the research is therefore to distinguish the different senses of the notion of “political possibility”, to assign each sense its proper role within political reasoning, and to identify its specific domain and function.