Nicholas Baigent

My PhD in Social Choice Theory was obtained from Essex University after studying economics at UCL. I have taught at universities in Austria, Denmark, UK and USA including Graz University, Aarhus University, Essex University, Cornell University and Tulane University. I was a founding member of the Central European Program for Economic Theory (CEPET). I taught many areas of economics, most recently Game Theory at the LSE. I retired from full time teaching in 2012. In the past, my research was mainly in Social Choice Theory, particularly topological social choice theory. Currently, I am working on: (1) Violence: Concept and Measurement; (2) Revealed Preference; and (3) Uncertainty Aversion under Complete Ignorance.
Dates of Visit: September 2015 (for 2 years)
Project Title: Violence - Concept and Measurement
Project Description: I have characterised a family of weighted sum rankings of violent events in which there are different levels of violence. This is then used for both theoretical purposes and practical measurement. Theoretically, it is used in Akerlof-Kranton games of violence with multiple identities to compare the level of violence in equilibria with multiple and single identity agents. This work is joint with Dzenana Pupic (Graz University). I am also working with Magda Osman (QMUL) using questionnaires to establish the extent to which subjects accept or endorse weighted sum measurement of violence. Applications of all this include providing a critical evaluation of official statistics (e.g. on violent crime, prison violence and violence in armed conflict) and empirical research (e.g. on violence against women).