Eric Brandstedt

Ph.D. in philosophy. Defended my dissertation, The Construction of a Sustainable Development in Times of Climate Change, in 2013. I have a broad field of interest within practical philosophy centred around "climate justice", including political philosophy, moral philosophy, and to some extent value theory and environmental philosophy. I have also done research and teaching on human rights. Since June 2015, I work on a postdoc project (funded by the Swedish Research Council) about how climate ethics can be made relevant to climate politics.
Dates of Visit: September 2015 - September 2017
Project Title: Constructive Climate Ethics. How to Make Ethical Theorising Relevant to Climate Policy
Project Description: This research project consists of three sub-projects. The first sub-project is a detailed analysis of the ethical presuppositions made in discussions of climate ethics/justice. The second sub-project is the development of a fresh approach to normative theorising, building on what is called moral and/or political constructivism. The third sub-project is the application of constructivism to normative questions in relation to climate change; what could be called, “constructive climate ethics”. This bottom-up approach, working from conceptions of the relevant agents and context at hand, is argued to be promising in light of the existing political deadlock over climate change.