Voting Power and Procedures (VPP)

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VPP is the leading international centre for research in the theory, methodology and practice of voting power and its applications. From the design of national and international governmental voting systems to corporate mergers and acquisitions strategies understanding voting power is the key to achieving successful empowerment and legitimate representative governance. VPP is currently engaged in its Voting Power in Practice research project sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust.

Project Leader: Rudolf Fara, LSE

Duration of the Project: 15 March 2007 – 28 February 2011


  • Collaborators in situ:
    • Moshé Machover (KCL & LSE)
    • Dennis Leech (Warwick)
  • Collaborators at a distance:
    • Dan Felsenthal (Haifa)
    • Maurice Salles (Caen) 



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Online Publications

  1. Felsenthal, Dan S. (2008), Maintaining OPOV
  2. Felsenthal, Dan S. and Moshé Machover (2008), A Note on Measuring Voters' Responsibility, To be published in Homo Oeconomicus.
  3. Felsenthal, Dan S. and Moshé Machover (2009), "The Majority Judgment Voting Procedure: A Critical Evaluation". To be published in Homo Oeconomicus. URL


Events held at the Centre:

Felsenthal, Dan S. "Maintaining OPOV: Some Problems Associated with the Periodic Need to Re-Draw Parliamentary Boundaries in the UK and the US", Workshop on 'Decision under Conflict', CPNSS, LSE,  8 May 2008.

Events held elsewhere

VPinP Annual Workshop on Voting Power and Procedures: The 'One Person, One Vote' Principle and the Redistricting Problem, University of Caen, France, 1–3 July 2008.

LSE Public Lecture: Steve Bickerstaff and Nicholas Miller, 'Problems in US Democracy: The Electoral College and Gerrymandering', 6 May 2008.

LSE Public Lecture: Ariel Buira and Dennis Leech, 'Reforming the Voting Systems of the IMF and World Bank?', 20 November 2008.

LSE Public Lecture Series: Michel Balinski and Rida Laraki, 'Majority Judgement: A Completely New Voting System', 18, 19 and 20 March, 2009.


Non-academic / Media

  1. Buira, Ariel: BBC World Service, "Voting Power in IMF", 20 November 2008.
  2. Balinski, Michel: Interview for Prospect,Issue 157, April 2009, "'Dancing on Ice': The Future of Democracy", 17 March 2009.
  3. Balinski, Michel: Interview for Politics, "A new voting system: Excellent or poor?", 18 March 2009.
  4. Fara, Rudolf: Feature for LSE web, "Election experts unveil a new voting system to deliver better democracy", 13 March 2009
  5. Fara, Rudolf: Interview for Politics, "Analysis: What's Majority Judgment, and would it work?", 18 March 2009.


In May 2008 Moshé Machover advised the Liberal-Democrat peer William Wallace (Lord Wallace of Saltaire) on the UK's voting power at the EU Council of Ministers.