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This pages provides links to all the items available through the Darwin@LSE website. These readings are also organised by event| and speaker|.



Toby Andrew, Darwinism for downbeat times|, Living Marxism February 1997


Claiming Darwin for the Left: An interview with Peter Singer| by Julian Baggini, The Philosophers' Magazine
The pursuit of happiness: Peter Singer interviewed| by Ronald Bailey, Reason December 2000
Simon Baron-Cohen, First lessons in mind reading|, Times Higher Education Supplement 16 June 1995
Baron-Cohen, S et al (1998), Autism occurs more often in families of physicists, engineers, and mathematicians| (PDF) Autism 2, 296-301
Baron-Cohen, S (1999) The extreme-male-brain theory of autism| (PDF), in Tager-Flusberg, H (ed) Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press.
Simon Baron-Cohen, They just can't help it|, London Guardian 17 April 2003
Baron-Cohen, S (2004) Autism: Research into causes and intervention| (PDF) Paediatric Rehabilitation 7, 73-78
Simon Baron-Cohen (2005) Is autism an extreme of the male brain?| (lecture Powerpoint presentation)
Baron-Cohen, S and Wheelwright, S (2004) The Empathy Quotient (EQ). An investigation of adults with Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism, and normal sex differences| (PDF) Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 34, 163-175
Design for A Life: A talk with Patrick Bateson|
Peter Berkowitz, The utilitarian horrors of Peter Singer. Other people's mothers|, The New Republic 30 December 1999
Susan Blackmore (2002) The evolution of meme machines|
Andrew Brown, Survival of the surliest|, London Guardian 4 March 1999
Andrew Brown, Origins of the specious|, London Guardian 30 November 1999
Andrew Brown, The kindness of strangers| [Robert Trivers profile], London Guardian 27 August 2005
Kingsley Browne (1998) Divided Labours: An evolutionary view of women at work|, Darwinism Today
Kingsley Browne, Glass ceiling, biological floor|, Times Higher Education Supplement  2 October 1998
Kingsley Browne, Segregation of the sexes is here to stay|, Financial Times 10 October 1998
Kingsley Browne, A revolution of the sexes|, London Independent 13 October 1998
Kingsley Browne and Rosalind Arden, Prospect debate: Sex at work|, Prospect October 1998
Brunner, E (1997) Socioeconomic determinants of health: Stress and the biology of inequality|, British Medical Journal 314, 1472 (17 May)
Jerome Burne, Got the evolution blues|, London Independent 3 July 1997
Buss, D M (2002)  Human mating strategies| (PDF) Samfundsokonomen 4, 47-58
Buss, D M, & Schmitt, D P (1993)  Sexual Strategies Theory: A contextual evolutionary analysis of human mating| (PDF) Psychological Review 100, 204-232
A S Byatt, Belief in the jungle of ideas| (review of Wilson, E O, Consilience) London Guardian 29 August 1998


David Charter, 0.85 seeks 0.7 for 2.4|, Times Higher Education Supplement  11 August 1995
Kate Clanchy, Reluctant fathers and feeble sperm|, London Guardian 7 March 2000
Connolly, J M, Slaughter, V, Mealey, L (2004) The development of preferences for specific body shapes|, Journal of Sex Research, February
Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, Evolutionary psychology: A primer|
Cronin, H (1997) It's only natural|, Red Pepper, 38 (July), 21
Cronin, H (2000) Getting human nature right|, Edge 73
Cronin, H (2001) Natural born co-operators: Darwinism for policy-makers|, Rationalist Press Association: Proceedings of the Centennial Conference. Rationalism in the twenty-first century, pp. 26-8
Cronin, H (2005) The vital statistics|, London Guardian, 12 March readers' responses: 16 March|, 19 March
|Cronin, H and Curry, O (2000) The evolved family| in Family Business. Wilkinson, H (ed) Demos Collection, 15, pp. 151-7. London, Demos
Cronin, H and Curry, O (2000) Pity poor men: if Labour wants to save the family, they should focus on fathers|, London Guardian, 5 February
Curry, O (2003) Evolutionary psychology: 'Fashionable ideology' or 'new foundation'?| Human Nature Review, 3, 81-92
Curry, O (2003) Review of A J Field, Altruistically Inclined? The behavioral sciences, evolutionary theory, and the origins of reciprocity, Quarterly Review of Biology, 78 (1), 126-7
Curry, O (2003) Review of Bounded Rationality: the adaptive toolbox, edited by Gerd Gigerenzer and Reinhard Selten|, Human Nature Review, 3 (14 March), 163-5
Curry, O, Cronin, H and Ashworth, J (eds) (1996) Matters of Life and Death: The world view from evolutionary psychology|. Demos Quarterly, 10. London, Demos


Daly M, Wilson M I (1996) Evolutionary psychology and marital conflict: The relevance of stepchildren| (PDF) in D M Buss & N Malamuth, eds, Sex, Power, Conflict: Feminist and evolutionary perspectives. New York: Oxford University Press
Martin Daly & Margo Wilson (1998) The Truth about Cinderella|, Darwinism Today
Charles Darwin, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals|, 1872
Richard Dawkins, Is Science a Religion?| (1996 speech to American Humanist Association)
Gabriel Dover, Darwinian devolution|, Times Higher Education Supplement 26 February 1999


Julian Flanagan, Evolution’s funny turn|, Financial Times 15 April 2005
Freese, J,  Meland, S (2002) Seven tenths incorrect: Heterogeneity and change in the waist-to-hip ratios of Playboy centerfold models and Miss America pageant winners|, Journal of Sex Research, May


Haig, D (1996) Placental hormones, genomic imprinting, and  maternal-fetal communication| (PDF) Journal of Evolutionary Biology 9, 357-380
Haig, D (2004) Genomic imprinting and kinship: How good is the evidence?| (PDF) Annual Review of Genetics 38, 553-585
Dave Hill, Back to Stone Age sex|, London Observer 27 February 2000
Robert A Hinde, Conflicts of interest|, Times Higher Education Supplement 10 November 1995
Lucy Hodges, The evolution revolution: The Darwin impresario|, Times Higher Education Supplement 18 October 1996
Lucy Hodges, Out of their tiny minds|, London Independent 23 January 1997
Lucy Hodges, The wrong sort of society|, London Independent 13 March 1997
Lucy Hodges, Into the mature cycle|, Times Higher Education Supplement 23 July 1999
Will Hutton, What comes after the gold rush?| London Observer 16 June 1996


Aisling Irwin, Bred in the bone?| Times Higher Education Supplement 19 May 1995
Aisling Irwin, Facing up to emotion|, Times Higher Education Supplement 21 July 1995


Boris Johnson, Here stands the origin of speciesism|, London Daily Telegraph 23 May 1998
Paul Johnson, An entertaining evening finding out how Professor Pinker's mind works|, Spectator 31 January 1998
Paul Johnson, Shaping up for a new moral catastrophe in the 21st century|, Spectator 17 October 1998
Judson, H F (2001) Talking about the genome| (PDF) Nature 409, 769




Keverne, E B (1999) Genomic imprinting, brain development and behaviour| (PDF) EuroBrain 1, 2-4
Marek Kohn, Drive an Escort, not a Ferrari, and be happy|, London Independent on Sunday, 16 June 1996
Marek Kohn,  Cinderella revisited|, London Independent on Sunday, 24 November 1996
Marek Kohn, Views for the Left|, London Independent on Sunday 24 May 1998
Robert Kunzig, Autism: What's sex got to do with it?| Psychology Today Jan/Feb 2004


Armand Marie Leroi, Sing, prance, ruffle, bellow, bristle and ooze|, London Review of Books 17 September 1998


John O McGinnis, Unnatural selection|, National Review 19 April 1999
Kenan Malik, The Beagle sails back into fashion|, New Statesman 6 December 1996
Kenan Malik, An expression of the facts|, Independent on Sunday 1 February 1998
Kenan Malik, An annotated bibliography of nonsense|, London Independent on Sunday 28 June 1998
Anna Maxted, The belle curve: Why all men love a waistline (allegedly)|, London Independent on Sunday 30 April 1995
John Maynard Smith (1998) Shaping Life: Genes, embryos and evolution|, Darwinism Today
Steve Mithen, Explaining the early human mind|, British Archaeology June 1996
Robin McKie, Great minds united in an ungodly trio|, The Observer, 12 March 2006
Suzanne Moore, Natural deselection|, London Independent 4 December 1996


Nesse, R M (1991) What good is feeling bad? The evolutionary utility of psychic pain| (PDF) The Sciences,  Nov/Dec
Nesse, R M (2005) Maladaptation and natural selection| (PDF) Quarterly Review of Biology 80, 62-71
Nesse, R M, Williams, G C (1999) On Darwinian medicine| (PDF) Life Science Research 3, 1-17


Kam Patel, Jeux sans frontières|, Times Higher Education Supplement  2 June 1995
Kam Patel, Whole in one|, Times Higher Education Supplement 4 August 1995
Kam Patel, My family and other animals|, Times Higher Education Supplement 25 February 2000
Nancy Pearcey, Singer in the rain| [review of A Darwinian Left|] First Things October 2000
Pinker, S (1998), Words and rules| (PDF) Lingua, 106, 219-242


Matt Ridley, Ignore my rhetoric, I'm only here for the sex|, London Daily Telegraph 25 November 1996
Matt Ridley, Life is anything but a fairy tale for stepchildren|, London Daily Telegraph 3 December 1996
Matt Ridley, Darwin on the mind|, Prospect February 1998
W G Runciman, Darwinian soup|, London Review of Books 10 June 1999
Who needs Darwin?| (video): debate between W G Runciman and Anthony Giddens, LSE, 20 June 2001


Tom Shakespeare, Social genetics - a polemical issue|, Network (Newsletter of the British Sociological Association) September 1997
Peter Singer, Evolutionary workers' party|, Times Higher Education Supplement 15 May 1998
Peter Singer (1998) A Darwinian Left: Politics, evolution and cooperation|, Darwinism Today
Singh, D (2004) Mating strategies of young women: Role of physical attractiveness|, Journal of Sex Research, February
Joan Smith, Should we live this way?| London Independent 22 June 1997
Sperber, D (2000) An objection to the memetic approach to culture| (in Robert Aunger, ed, Darwinizing Culture: The status of memetics as a science, Oxford University Press, 163-173)
Harriet Swain, The science police|, Times Higher Education Supplement 10 July 1998
Maia Szalavitz, Eve psych|, Feed 7 March 2000


Jenny Teichman, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde|, The New Criterion October 2000
Trivers, R (2000) The elements of a scientific theory of self-deception| (PDF) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 907, 114-131
Robert Trivers - An Edge Special Event|
Colin Tudge, From each according to his genes|, London Independent on Sunday 7 July 1996
Colin Tudge, Charles Darwin: Back for the future|, LSE Magazine Summer 1997
Colin Tudge, Relative danger|, Natural History September 1997
Colin Tudge: review| of Silver, Lee M, Remaking Eden, New Statesman 30 January 1998
Colin Tudge (1998) Neanderthals, Bandits and Farmers: How agriculture really began|, Darwinism Today
Colin Tudge, All this hard graft no longer makes sense|,| London Independent 20 October 1998
Colin Tudge, The idle shall inherit the earth|, London Guardian 23 January 1999

Jon Turney, Life, the universe and everything|, Financial Times 28 November 1998


Leigh Van Valen, How the left got Darwin wrong|, Scientific American June 2000


Natasha Walter, Roses are red, violets are blue. So what?| London Independent on Sunday 14 February 1999
Webb R (2002) Natural-born monarchs| in Monarchies. Bentley T and Wilsdon J (eds) Demos Collection, 17, pp. 83-9. London, Demos
Whiten, A (2001) The evolutionary roots of culture| (PDF) The British Academy Review, July-December, 57-60
Richard Wilkinson, For richer, not for poorer|, London Guardian 11 September 1996
Richard Wilkinson (2000) Mind the Gap: Hierarchies, health and human evolution|, Darwinism Today
John Wilson, Your Darwin is too large|, Christianity Today 25 May 2000

Darwin@LSE is very grateful to the authors and publications who have given their permission to reproduce their articles free of charge on this site.