The Darwin Seminars: A Double Bill
22 January|
Lee M Silver
Remaking Eden: Designing our children and self-evolving our future species
Mark Ridley
Sex and the mutational meltdown
Steven Pinker
How the mind works

Darwin: Face to Face
5 February
|Paul Ekman (Psychology, University of California, San Francisco)
Darwin's Expression of the Emotions: A forgotten masterpiece

The Goldsmith Lecture
9 February|
Joseph Ledoux
The Emotional Brain

A Darwin Discussion: The Neo-Darwinian Impact on the Social Sciences
12 February|
W G Runciman FBA
Social Darwinism is wrong because neo-Darwinian sociology is right
Maurice Bloch FBA
Why a Darwinian anthropology is necessary and why it will be a difficult project

The Annual Darwin@LSE Public Lecture
12 May|
Peter Singer
A Darwinian Left?

The Darwin Seminars: A Double Bill -- Ethics and Nature21 May| Ken Binmore
How and why did fairness evolve?
Jonathan Glover
Darwin, Socrates and human values
Peter Singer
How evolution helps us to understand ethics

A Darwin Discussion: Can Science be Studied Scientifically?
2 July|
Alan Sokal
Science and science studies: A moderate realist view
Bruno Latour
The historical shift from science to research: Consequences for defining objectivity and the task of science policy

Darwinism Today: Setting the Intellectual Agenda
8 October|
Colin Tudge
Lazy but smart: Lessons from our agricultural ancestors
John Maynard Smith, FRS
The Shape of Things to Come
Kingsley Browne
Women at Work: An evolutionary view

The Darwin Seminars
9 December|
Robert Trivers
A Logic for Self-Deception