The Darwin Seminars
23 January|
Steven Mithen
The Prehistory of the Mind
Richard Gregory, FRS
Mirrors in Mind

The Darwin Seminars: A Double Bill -- Unhealthy Societies: Evolution and inequalities
13 March|
Richard G Wilkinson
Unhealthy Societies: Inequality and mortality
Eric Brunner
Stress and the Biology of Inequality
Andrew Whiten
The Evolution of Egalitarian Behaviour

The Biology and Society Forum: The Great Divide? Humans and Other Animals
20 March|
Marian Stamp Dawkins
Animal Suffering: A Darwinian View
Michael Lockwood
Moral Philosophers and Other Animals
Patrick Bateson, FRS
Human-centred Approaches to Animal Behaviour
Colin Blakemore, FRS
Whose Rights are they Anyway?

The Annual Darwin@LSE Public Lecture
8 May|
John Maynard Smith, FRS
Evolution and Development: Information or self-organisation?

The Darwin Seminars: A Double Bill
29 May|
Michael Ruse
Evolution and Culture
Bob Martin
Maternal Resources and Brain Evolution
Lee Smolin
Why is the Universe Hospitable to Life?

Open Discussion: Where do we go from here?
9 June|
with Amitai Etzioni

The Darwin Seminars: A Double Bill -- The Maladapted Mind
3 July|
Simon Baron-Cohen
Engineering and Autism: Is there a link?
R. James Blair
The Psychopath as Hawk
Randolph M Nesse
The Origins of Suffering and the Descent of Medicine: When is it wise to block mental pain?
Isaac Marks with Adolf Tobeña
From Neural Bias to Social Prejudice? An evolutionary perspective

The Annual Oxford Readers Forum -- Ethnicity
19 November
Michael Banton
Marek Kohn
Brendan O'Leary
Anthony Smith
Michael Ignatieff