The Darwin Seminars
18 January|
W G Runciman
Three Levels of Selection: The case of hoplite warfare
Robert A Hinde
War as an Institution

The Darwin Seminars
22 February|
Austin Burt
Genes in Conflict
E B Keverne
Brain Evolution and Behaviour

The Darwin Seminars
14 March|
Myrna Gopnik
Genes, Grammars and Other Curiosities
Rob Foley
Do We Need a Theory of Human Evolution?

The Biology and Society Forum -- Newgenics: biology and politics in the 20th century
15 March
|Janet Browne
Charles Darwin: Whig and gentleman
Steve Jones
How Original is Original Sin?
Horace Freeland Judson
The Presentation of Genes: The Genome Project
John Maynard Smith
Heredity and Politics: A personal account of the part fifty years

The Darwin Seminars
25 April|
Randolph M Nesse
Evolution and Healing: The new science of Darwinian medicine
Patrick Bateson
Where is the Squabble in Parent-Offspring Conflict?

About Biology Seminar
3 May|
Paul Ekman
Darwin and the Expression of Emotions

The Darwin Seminars
9 May| Michael T Ghiselin
Darwinism as Economics
Colin Tudge
The Day Before Yesterday: Farming and the end of Eden

The Darwin Seminars
13 June|
David L Hull
What's Wrong With Invisible Hand Explanations?
Robert H Frank
The Winner-Take-All Society

The British Humanist Association Centenary Lecture (Joint meeting)
20 June|
Richard Dawkins
Science as Religious Education

Technology and Evolution Forum (Joint meeting with the Epistemology Group)
27 June|
James Fleck
Evolving Artefacts? Variation, selection and adaptation
Rikard Stankiewicz
Evolutionary Models of Industrial R&D Processes
John Ziman
Darwinism and/or Lamarckism: Selection and/or design?
Richard Webb
Fossil Soup: The evolution of technology - life as we know it or a pre-biotic soup?

Ad hoc seminar
6 November|
David Haig
The Genetics of Internal Conflicts

The Darwin Seminars
7 November|
Matt Ridley
The Origins of Virtue
Martin Daly & Margo Wilson
The Truth About Cinderella

Joint seminar with Centre for Health and Society, University College London
8 November|
David Haig
Hemodynamics of Pregnancy: An evolutionary perspective

Evolution and Economics Seminar
12 November
Peter A Corning
The Selfish Genome: On being a member of the 'gene team'

About Biology Seminar
28 November|
Susan Blackmore
Memes, Minds and Selves

The Evolutionary Agenda: Joint Demos-Darwin@LSE Forum
5 December|
Geoff Mulgan
Samuel Brittan
Michael Ignatieff
Colin Tudge