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The Darwin Seminars
3 April|
Leda Cosmides
The Adapted Mind
John Maynard Smith, FRS
The Evolution of Language

The Darwin Seminars
10 April|
Colin Renfrew, FBA
The Filiation and Origin of Each Tongue
Steven Pinker
Words and Rules

The Darwin Seminars
27 April|
David M Buss
The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of human mating
Matt Ridley
Author of The Red Queen
Human Mating: Monogamy, polygamy and serial divorce

The Darwin Seminars
1 June|
Paul Ekman
Darwin and the Expression of the Emotions
Dan Sperber
Cultural Evolution: Replicators and attractors

The Darwin Seminars
27 July|
Devendra Singh
Female Body Shape: Attractiveness, health and fecundity at a glance

The Darwin Seminars
21 September|
Simon Baron-Cohen
Mindblindness: Autism and theory of mind
Daniel C Dennett
Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

The Darwin Seminars
9 November|
Anders Pape Møller
Symmetry and Stability: Development and disease
David Haig
Genetic Conflicts in Human Pregnancy