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What the papers said...

This page contains general articles from the media about Darwin@LSE. For more specific articles, browse the pages of past events|, or the full list of readings|.

Articles about Darwin@LSE

Andrew Brown, Origins of the specious|, London Guardian 30 November 1999
Dave Hill, Back to Stone Age sex|, London Observer 27 February 2000
Lucy Hodges, Into the mature cycle|, Times Higher Education Supplement 23 July 1999
Colin Tudge, Charles Darwin: Back for the future|, LSE Magazine Summer 1997

Articles about Helena Cronin

Coffee break interview with Helena Cronin|, New Humanist Summer 2001
Influences: Helena Cronin|, New Statesman 14 February 1997
Lucy Hodges, The evolution revolution: The Darwin impresario|, Times Higher Education Supplement 18 October 1996
Anne Perkins, Darwin's darling|, London Guardian 28 August 1999
Harriet Rubin, The theory of the peahen| and Only the pronoid survive|, Fast Company 29, November 1999
Maia Szalavitz, Eve psych|, Feed 7 March 2000
Matthew Sweet, Prophets of the 21st century|, London Independent 22 December 1996

See also:

Andrew Brown, Survival of the surliest|, London Guardian 4 March 1999
A S Byatt, Belief in the jungle of ideas| (review of Wilson, E O, Consilience) London Guardian 29 August 1998
Aisling Irwin, Bred in the bone?| Times Higher Education Supplement 19 May 1995
Robert May, A brisk stir to the cultural mix|, London Daily Telegraph, 23 November 1995
Robin McKie, Great minds united in an ungodly trio|, The Observer, 12 March 2006
Deborah Orr, Gates, Posh, and the hand that rocks the cradle|, London Independent 28 September 1999
Yvonne Roberts, Can we learn the art of commitment?| London Independent 27 October 1999