Sigma Club

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The Sigma Club organises seminars and talks dealing with issues in the philosophy and foundations of modern physics. Meetings are held in the seminar room of the Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS) at LSE (LAK 2.06) on selected Mondays 5.15-6.45pm (maps and directions). 

Half an hour prior to the meetings tea is served in the CPNSS common room on the ground floor of the same building (room LAK G.01C). Both the meetings of the Club and the tea beforehand are open to everybody, free of charge, and no membership is required.

The Sigma Club was founded in 1987 by Michael Redhead in Cambridge. It moved to the LSE in 1997 when Michael Redhead became Centennial Professor at LSE and is currently convened by Bryan W. Roberts. Speakers at past meetings of the Club include David Bohm, John Earman, Stephen Hawking, and Sir Karl Popper.

For further information please contact Bryan RobertsRoman Frigg or Miklós Rédei.