Evidence for Use

There is a world-wide trend to insist that scientifically-based evidence must play a central role in setting policy. Understanding the significance of evidence for the costs, benefits and acceptability of proposed policies is far more complicated than evidence within the natural or social science themselves and far more complicated than most advocates of evidence based/informed policy seem to suppose.

This project, led by Eleonora Montuschi, Nancy Cartwright, and Eileen Munro aims at investigating what evidence is for evidence-based policy, how it can best be used in particular policy contexts, and how it can enhance the objectivity of the decisions made in those contexts.

This project, originally sponsored by the LSE Seed Research Fund, has developed into specific sub-projects in a number of disparate research contexts:

  1. Philosophy of evidence in practice
  2. Child welfare policies
  3. Climate change models
  4. Educational policy
  5. VPI-LSE Error/Evidence Project
  6. Policy Insight Group in collaboration with CHESS (Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society, University of Durham)